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Are Jasmine Tea and Green Tea good for you? What are the benefits?

I’ve quit drinking coffee about a few months ago and have replaced it with drinking jasmine and green tea – i found that i’m not as “anxious” and “ansy” and it also keeps me more awake. I feel that sometimes i need to depend on tea to give me a little boost – are jasmine tea and green tea good for you? If so, what are the benefits?

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6 Responses to “Are Jasmine Tea and Green Tea good for you? What are the benefits?”

  1. danielpauldavis said :

    There are folks going on about green tea having anti-oxidants that are supposedly helpful. The real reason you fell better is that you’re getting less caffeine with the tea than the coffee. Secondarily, tea is okay thru your liver, whereas coffee is actually kind of harsh on your liver (not enough to be a problem unless you mix it with other harsh things such as alcohol–take that, Kahlua!)
    Jasmine tea is merely a floral tea. Having a flavor, it’s a nicer way to get enough water.

  2. kkkkkkkkkkevin said :

    dee dee deeeeeee!

  3. JayK said :

    They sure are good for you – both full of anti oxidants.

    I buy a green tea that has a hint of jasmine in it – try that one!

  4. useswriter said :

    Both have a higher caffeine rate than decaffeinated coffee, but they also offer some degree ox antioxidants. I have found they also seem to help with prostrate problems to some degree, although I can’t say whether it is the antioxidants or the some other thing in the teas.

  5. cheerleadergal56 said :

    My family is into the whole chinese teas. Jasmine and green tea are very mind calming. They are good when you have an upset stomach because they are not very acidic, also they are very natural and there aren’t any artificial flavors…you know what’s also good? Green tea ice cream/gelato lol.

  6. MiMi said :

    I love Jasmine green tea too, been drinking it for years.
    It has antioxiddants in it ,it kills free radicals. In other words yes it is good for you .But to benefit , 4 cups a day or more is beneficial


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