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I heard drinking green tea is good for you. What if it turns your stool yellow?

I make ice tea out of green tea bags and bottle it in old gator aide bottles. I then can drink it instead of soda pop and I usually consume around 64 ounces per day. I noticed my stool turns yellow, like the tea appears to be. Is that positive or negative?
Nutritionist and Doctors Please reply?

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6 Responses to “I heard drinking green tea is good for you. What if it turns your stool yellow?”

  1. Mike J said :

    Maybe they should call it yellow tea then.

    Stool color doesn’t mean anything but bragging rights.

  2. kindra f said :

    im not a nutritionist or doctor but i do now that green tea has alot of vitamins and minerals in it that is why your stool turns green. i also now that it is not harmful to you as long as you are having a bowel movement everyday and i am guessing usually in the morning the tea is doing great. you should pass stool everyday you eat everyday so you should stool everyday. also tea has a lot of ohh i cant think of the word but almost like body cleaners in it it does the body good you have nothing to worry about ask a doctor they well tell you the same thing way more healthy than coffee

  3. chato said :

    Maybe you should try dirnking less tea. They say green tea is good because it acts as really powerfull natural cleanser. My guess is that your stool turned yellow beacuse the tea is cleansing your body, but I don’t think think is healthy to dirnk that much. I would try to lower the daily dose to 2-3 cups.

  4. emmyduckie said :

    Tea is very healthy.

    If it’s turning your stool yellow, that just means that you’re not digesting one of the pigments in it. As long as that’s the only symptom, you’re fine. I have the same problem with blue pigments. (Try not to think about that too hard, it’s not a pleasant thought. 🙂

  5. ♫SecretღMermaid said :

    where’s Oprah when you need her?

  6. passick77 said :

    You may be drinking a type of green tea that is normally used in sushi restaraunts. In Japan, a distinction is made between this type of green tea and others normally used at home. They put green food coloring in it to make the tea infusion appear green. Plain or roasted green teas will usually brew up amber or brown with maybe a light green coloring. Try switching brands. Stash tea is a good choice and can be purchased almost anywhere. Look for descriptions like “Sencha”, “Gunpowder”, or “Dragonwell”.
    The amount of tea you’re drinking shouldn’t be a problem. There are people who drink twice as much soda daily and are still alive and well. You are moving in a much healthier direction. If you notice any signs of dehydration because of your caffeine intake, increase your intake of water and fruit or vegetable juices.


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