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Green tea has a lot of benefits, but does it taste good?

You can benefit from drinking it, but will your tastebuds benefit?? I never had green tea, and I want to know of it tastes good.

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25 Responses to “Green tea has a lot of benefits, but does it taste good?”

  1. evrclearnkoolaid said :

    It does if you add sugar or get the already made ones on the shelfs.

  2. hhbasile said :

    I like the taste, it is light and refreshing. Give it a try!

  3. Some Dude said :

    You’ve never had that weak tea they serve you at Chinese restaurants?

  4. daveduncan40 said :

    I like it. It is slightly more bitter than regular tea. Try some. It can be gotten from places like Starbucks, too. Some people add honey to it.

  5. ohm'slaw said :

    add lemon,honey,or sugar; then it’s ok. you can also mix w/ other tea,such as peppermint

  6. Skinny Kid said :

    i dont like it

  7. dustbegone1xyz said :

    I don’t like it all that much.

  8. musiconecanplay said :

    The first time i had it was at work some years ago, and to be honest the name of it turned me off, but its really very good-i thought better than normal tea

  9. phatspasm said :

    I think it tastes great, but I really like tea. It is also pumped full of EGCG which is a great antioxidant, but if you are looking for health benefits, black tea has more than double the beneficial compounds in it, and it also tastes great.

  10. kevin! said :

    I just tasted it last night and after 1 sip I quitted! Most of my schoolmates like it, but I don’t!! ^_^

  11. Cimarrón said :

    It tastes realy good. Try to get the 100 per cent pure kind. You can drink it even without sugar, or with honey and milk.

  12. Melanie said :

    yes; for starters buy “arizona” green tea, its the most popular, we serve it where i work. its similar to ice tea when served cold; i would describe it as fresh and earthy.

  13. avu* said :

    I didn’t like the taste of it.

  14. HAPPY said :

    taste like medicine if you drink from herbal sensei shop. But if you buy one from shop it still does taste abit like medicine but its more sweet and accepting to your tastebud. But i believe the one at the sensei is more beneficial as it does not go through chemical processing and manufacturing.

  15. Vixen said :

    I love what it does for our bodies, but it tastes like shit!

  16. jameyfcs said :

    i like it but if you need to sweetnen it try honey instead of sugar it not only is sweet but it also has some healthy aspects

  17. justin said :

    it’s an acquired taste.

  18. 07_Shelby_GT500 said :

    I drink Lipton Green tea every morning, with no sugar or anything else. To be honest, it doesn’t have much taste at all. but, it doesn’t taste bad.

  19. chickenwaterboy said :

    im asian so yes but im not sure u would like it

  20. pink_lemonade said :

    I love green tea. I drink green tea like 5 cups a day. I like it without sugar or honey.

  21. indigo said :

    Green tea is kinda bitter. Go to a health food store and ask about different kinds because the people that work there have tried alot of the teas. I add a black tea bag to help with the taste and a little tubinado sugar. I don’t use the white refined sugar. If you buy the organic sucanet sugar it also adds a sweet tatse you might like.Back to your question , try to buy organic tea because they use a lot of chemicals to grow tea. Also, If you drink too much tea the tannins in tea can interfere with Iron absorption and make you anemic but I think you would have to drink quit a bit for that to happen. Hope I could help

  22. CBB said :

    It tastes okay, it takes time to get used to it. I like it without sugar or honey, but don’t know why everytime have it with sushi it tastes the best.

  23. The Grand Inquisitor said :

    yummy! I drink it straight, It is bitter but you can acquire the taste fir it. Think I’ll brew up some right now.

  24. Mom said :

    Yes ,I think it’s good hot or cold.

  25. Island Girl said :

    I like green tea. I like teas on the whole, but i would agree that green tea is an acquired taste…but it’s so good for you!


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