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Please can anyone give me a recipe for blackberry jam ?

I have some tubs of frozen blackberries, would it be possible to make jam with them and if so do you have a recipe ?. I have jam sugar as well that has added pectin so this should help with it setting . Thank you x.
Should i defrost berries first ? or put them in pan from frozen ?

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5 Responses to “Please can anyone give me a recipe for blackberry jam ?”

  1. dsclimb1 said :

    it depends on the sugar and water content of the fruit.

    Ranging from the same weight in sugar as the weight of the berries down to half the amount of sugar.

    Pectin, is not always necessary, but does help. Best method is the boil the berries, add in the sugar, then put some on a cold saucer to see if it sets. If it does not, increase the amount of sugar, add a dash of pectin. Repeat.

    Any sugar works. EXTRA – let them thaw out first. If you’re prepared to let them boil a little, to evaporate the water off, you don’t need any addtives of any type, using just plain granulated sugar will work fine. Get plenty of jars to put them in, you can buy special lids to, but normal lids work fine.

  2. Kayle :-) said :

    Well, my Dad makes jam all the time.

    Get a few pounds of blackberrys.
    Put them in a saucepan with lots of sugar
    Let it boil for hours


  3. nancy v said :

    go to your local supermarket and buy a box of sure jell….the recipe is in there.. I omit the lemon juice it calls for though.. it becomes too runny with it added..

  4. Baps . said :

    Try the following

    Blackberry & Vanilla Jam
    750 g Blackberries
    1 Juice of a lemon
    1 Cooking apple cored and diced
    625 g Preserving sugar
    1 Vanilla pod, split and seeds scraped out
    3tbs Water

    Place all the ingredients in saucepan and heat slowly until the sugar has dissolved.
    Over a medium heat bring the jam to the boil and simmer for 30-40 minutes stirring occasionally, until setting point is acheived .Remove from the heat and leave the jam to settle for a 15 minutes.

    Pour into a sterilised jars and seal.

    Or Apple & Blackberry Jam
    2 lbs Prepared Apples
    1 – 1 ½ lbs Blackberries
    1 Lemon
    5 lbs Sugar
    1 Bottle Certo

    1. Core and Peel about 3 lbs Apples, cut into small pieces and put into
    large preserving pan with ¼ pt of water.
    2.Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes.
    3.Crush blackberries thoroughly and put into another pan with 4 tablespoons water.
    4. Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
    5.Place in jelly cloth and allow the juice to drain. Measure and add
    water if necessary to make 1 pint.
    6. Add to apple pulp with sugar and lemon juice.
    7. Heat slowly until the sugar has dissolved, stirring continually.
    8.Bring to a full rolling boil and boil for 2 minutes.
    9.Remove from heat and stir in the Certo. Pot quickly and cover in the usual way.

  5. brian f said :

    Weigh your fruit and add equal parts sugar and bring to boil. As the fruit heats it will naturally release pectin which will help it set. Bring to heat slowly so as not to burn sugar until juice is flowing from fruit. You can make it on stove top or microwave – takes a bit longer in stove top. When jam is boiling well put a teaspoonful on a saucer and trickle it down plate. If it thickens as it cools it has reached setting point and can be put into jars. If it remains runny it needs further boiling.
    Mix blackberries with other fruits to go further. I recommend straining blackberries as they can be a bit woody.


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