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Can anyone give me, or point me to a recipe for elver cake?

‘Elvers’ are young eels. It sounds revolting, but the accounts of the cake that I’ve read say it’s delicious. So I’d like to see a recipe!

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7 Responses to “Can anyone give me, or point me to a recipe for elver cake?”

  1. rotza1 said :

    First, chop up the elves…

  2. zen said :

    Is this what you mean:

    It is the only one I’ve been able to find. Hope this helps! :-))

  3. Hibee said :

    Uh huh huh…..elvers have left the building.

  4. Steffi said :

    Check out the bbc website – they have loads of recipes I don’t know about elver cake though

  5. yohannesm_2006 said :

    The is no reciipe…Only Hungeri is the best recipe

  6. southockendon said :


    You don’t make cake out of elvers. Its against EU law. EU has defined the word “Cake” I kid you not. A cake has to have “fruit” and yes carrot is a fruit . The EU have that covered since Portugal’s assession a while back.

    Try sushi type recipes

  7. mactheboat said :

    Keith Floyd made that on a program years ago-so maybe in one of his cook books or the BBC archive.


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