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Can I use my cake recipe to make individual cakes?

For my birthday I want to make individual little cakes for my workmates. I have a lovely chocolate cake recipe for an 8 person cake, can I use my flexible muffin mold to make separate little cakes or will it not bake right?

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9 Responses to “Can I use my cake recipe to make individual cakes?”

  1. Stephen M said :

    yeah, just cook it for less time, as little cakes will cook quicker than one big one.

  2. Biancaaa. said :

    Yes you can just cook them for like 19-24 minutes and keep an eye on them after like 15 minutes, because they can burn easily. Individual cakes is a great idea! Your workmates will love the mini cake idea because then everybody will get an equal amount.

  3. Suki Boo said :

    As long as you put cake cases in then they will be fine, have a practise run at home before taking them into work!

    Good excuse to eat cake!

  4. kaosktrl said :

    go for time they are called cup cakes I think

  5. noitall U.K. said :

    Only if you send me one

  6. Kitty13 said :

    Absolutely, Just don’t cook them as long!

  7. VALERIE J said :

    yes try this icing and your friends will love them. Melt bar cadburys chocolate stir in icing sugar, keep on heat, if too thick add little milk or cream and stir till smooth lush

  8. sam said :

    Sure can. Adjust the cooking time or you will burn the little ones. Bake them for 18-22 minutes

  9. Ruthann P said :

    Of course!
    But I would turn down the oven about 25 degrees less that the box says.
    I wouldn’t cook them as long either.


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