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Can someone give me a really nice pancake recipe?

I want to make pancakes, but I want a really nice recipe, does anyone know a nice recipe I could use, like a really nice recipe? Thanks!!
Grannysan and Lyudmila: the two best answers so far, i’ll put the question to vote.

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6 Responses to “Can someone give me a really nice pancake recipe?”

  1. SgtXcom said :

    I use Bisquick. They have a recipe on the back of the box. You just put in vegetable oil, egg, and milk. They always turn out absolutely delicious. You can also top with blueberries, strawberries, whip cream, or maple syrup.

  2. mets said :

    i don’t cook much but i listened to banana pancakes today. That song always helps me

  3. Red R said :

    Aunt jemmima, just add water, the easiest and best, you can throw blueberries, strawberries, chocolate chips, whatever. perfect every time, and once again easy…

  4. grannysan said :

    Basic recipe; 4 oz plain flour, 1 egg, half-pint milk. Whisk together. Pour small amounts into a lightly-greased pan.

    Lots of recipes to follow, but my favourite is the toffee banana (last one).

    Add blueberries/other berries, cook over medium heat, & turn after about 2 minutes. Serve with sugar or syrup, and cream or ice-cream.

    OR: Cook plain pancakes, then chop some fresh or canned peaches, place into pancakes with some whipped cream, & fold over.

    OR: cook as above, but fill with strawberries and orange segments, drizzled with grand marnier.

    OR: Add tablespoon cocoa to mix & whisk well. Cook as above, serve with lots of chopped nuts and a melted chocolate sauce.

    OR: Soak some Sultanas or Raisins in a little dark Rum for 10 minutes, then add to pancakes while cooking. When cooked, drizzle over the left-over Rum and serve with whipped cream. (Tastes like Rhum Baba).

    OR: Cook pancakes and keep warm to one side. Slice bananas. Put good lump of butter in a pan with equal amount of brown sugar. Heat carefully, stirring, until brown and toffee-like. Add bananas, some cream, then fill pancakes with mixture & serve with ice-cream. Heavenly!

  5. JOHN said :

    1 cp flour
    1 egg
    1 cp milk
    1tbsp oil
    1/2 tbsp baking powder
    1 tsp vanilla
    Whip together in a bowl. Leave slightly lumpy. Nice and easy to remember.

  6. Lyudmila said :

    Russian pancakes-“blini”

    6 tablespoon. flour
    3 cups. milk
    2 ea. eggs
    0,5 teasp. soda
    2 tablesp. vegetable oil
    0.5 teasp. salt
    0,5 ea. onion (average)

    Mix eggs with 3 cups of milk . Add salt and flour and mix thoroughly. Add 2 tablesp. of vegetable oil and mix thorougly once more.The dough can be drained so that there are no flour lumps in it. Pour vegetable oil into a saucer. Peel an onion and cut it into 2 parts; take one part with a fork and dip it in oil. Use it for greasing the pan with vegetable oil only for the first pancake(blin). Heat the pan very well(it is important). Grease it. Pour thin layer of batter evenly. Cook until light brown, about 2 minutes on each side. Don`t grease the pan for the next pancakes.Servings: 2-3. Bliny can be served with butter, sour cream, black or red caviar, fillet of sturgeon, lox, and salmon. As to me, I like Bliny with sugar,honney or jam.


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