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i really want to give up smoking,what do you think is the best way?

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9 Responses to “i really want to give up smoking,what do you think is the best way?”

  1. friedfootball said:

    when you get a craving chew gum, or eat sunflower seeds. if thhat doesnt work try those patch thingies they advertise on tv. nicotine i think

  2. AAMFE said:

    My brother in law just quit smoking,which I’m sure it wasn’t easy.I know he used some kinda of patch.i can ask and email you if you want.Hope this helped in someway

  3. Alexis Madison said:

    Hypnosis. It really works.

  4. xxlglz itxx said:

    i think some one who wants to try smoking has to be mentally strong, becuase its all in your head. Everyone has the power to quit smoking, it just depends on how badly you really want to. If your serious about stopping, then try patches or somthing that like. what ever works for you, and just tell your self every day that you dont need it. And every time you feel like smoking, go online and read all the risks of smoking, and look at the pictures of people who have those holes in their throats because of smoking. That should make you not want to smoke for that moment.
    good luck. 🙂

  5. Adrianne said:

    nicorette gum worked for a few friends of mine
    i oughta stop myself..

  6. billybonzobones said:

    Cold turkey, chew plenty of gum, be away from others for a while, suck on sweets. And say to yourself “just for today, i will not smoke” then say the same thing when you wake up the next day.

  7. anna said:

    Well, there are a few ways to go about quiting and you just have to find the way that best works for you; everyone is different. There are so many plans out there it is insane! A couple of people i know who quit gradually decreases their number of smokes per day, most people smoke the same number of cigarettes everyday! So decrease one tomorrow then in a few weeks when you are feelin’ good, get rid of another one. Move at your own pace thats the key! Also, get a friend or family member that you really trust to help you. Have them be your motivation. Most people quit for a reason, health, a child, cost of cigarettes…whatever, just remember that reason every time you smoke.


    Hope this helps!


  8. jellybeans93 said:

    Think of your family and how your smoking might affect them. that’s what my dad did and he hasn’t smoked for at least 13 years. My mom was pregnant with me and that’s what made him quit. It was hard, but he got through it because he cared for our family.

  9. chrisviolet4011 said:

    It’s been five months for me. I had tried giving up so many times and finally I gave up the day my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was relatively easy for me because I could see what it did to Dad. However, the demons got into me earlier this week- I actually walked up to a cigarette counter to buy some smokes. I knew if I bought them, I’d be smoking again. I managed to tear myself away and back home. It was really difficult, even after 5 months.

    My tips:
    1. Don’t buy another packet.
    2. Apologise to your smoking friends- but stay away from them for at least a month.
    3. If you go cold turkey, the physical addiction only lasts for a maximum of 2 weeks. The rest is in your head. There was nothing physical about my recent urge.
    4. What would you make your family do for you? Smoking related illnesses don’t just affect the smoker. And most of them cause a slow painful death- most smokers aren’t lucky enough to just have a stroke and drop dead. Our whole family is dealing with Dad’s treatment and care on a day to day basis. I now know much too much about cancer, its treatment and effects on bodily functions. It’s been five months now. We could still be doing this in a year- I don’t know if I hope we are, or hope we aren’t.

    It’s hard, but you know you gotta do it. And thanks, you’ve reminded me why I gave up and writing this has given me renewed will power.

    Good luck, cheers and sunshine.


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