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I just found out im pregnant and i really want to give up smoking.?

Am finding it very difficult and feel sick trying to quit. Would like tips on how i can quit fast.

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8 Responses to “I just found out im pregnant and i really want to give up smoking.?”

  1. Heather Y said :

    Just think about this: If you smoke until you give birth, your baby will have to go through the withdrawal you weren’t willing to put yourself through.

  2. triplep_01 said :

    I just quit cold turkey..I could not smoke knowing what I was taking in so was my baby…Congratulations and Good Luck!!

  3. Tamara J said :

    how i gave up was sucking ice and chewing chewing gum it worked for me but i didn’t give up cold turky i cut down to 1 smoke a day after that i bought a packet of 20s and when that ran out i quit good luck hope you can do it.

  4. Good Wisher said :

    use chewing cums …its really works for my uncle when he wants to quit the smoking…

  5. omegavolt said :

    I was able to quit cold turkey. What I did was to buy one more carton of smokes once I ran out. I kept mentally telling myself that this was the last carton of smokes I would ever smoke. As I went through each pack, I would remove another pack and tell myself as I did that I these were the last 8 packs I would ever smoke, last 6 packs ever, last 2 packs ever. On the last pack, I told myself after every cigarette that these were the last 17 cigarettes I would ever smoke, last 9 cigarettes ever, last 3 cigarettes ever.

    Then as I pulled the last cigarette out of the last pack, I said this is the last cigarette I will ever smoke. I smoked it, put it out, and I havent touched them since.

    It was still tough, but after a week of constantly telling myself it was over, I had the willpower to make it, even though I was around others that were smoking. Remember, all you have to do is not buy anymore. Its that simple. 😉

    P.S. Rewards help! Every week without a smoke, use the saved money and go get a massage or something!

  6. LaundryGirl said :

    Find a photo of a premature baby online, with tubes & machines all over the place, looking all thin & sickly. Print it out, and keep it close to you for those moments when you want a smoke. Smoking during pregnancy causes a high risk for prematurity.

    Best of luck to you; I had to kick the habit many years ago, but I was able to master the urges by thinking of how I’d feel if my baby were premature or sick at birth, or worse– died of SIDS in early infancy, all because of my smoking. 🙁

  7. SydneyMum101 said :

    Well done you on this decision. It will be good for you and your baby. It will also mean less risk of complication and less morning sickness.

    But it’s not easy! Only you can decide to do it.

    Your doctor or caregiver could probably give you some tips on the best way to manage this and keep your anxiety levels to a minimum. But some tips:

    1. Get the support and encouragement of your partner, family, friends and co-workers. Tell them that you want to quit. Ask them not to smoke around you.

    2. Get in touch with your local quit smoking support service – most hospitals and health centres will have professionals on hand as well as phone counselling for those times when it all starts to get a bit much!

    3. Distract yourself from smoking or thinking about smoking. Do something with your hands – type on the computer, read a book, do a craft project, go for a drive, take a walk, take a shower, brush your teeth, eat a piece of fruit

    4. Change your routine. When did you normally want to smoke? When did you normally have a cigarette? Try and change the way you do things at these times – if you normally smoke in the car driving to work, try driving a different way for example so you have to concentrate on the driving rather than zoning out. Or if you used to sit and watch TV and smoke, try moving the furniture around in the room, or sit in a different chair. If you smoked immediately after a meal, try sitting somewhere else to eat. Sounds basic but it helps.

    5. Go places you can’t smoke. Spend time walking around the mall, go to the movies, to restaurants etc. Get out and enjoy the fresh air in the park.

    5. Put the money you’d normally spend on cigaretes into rewards for yourself for every day/week/whatever you make it through without a cigarette – buy yourself a treat, watch a new release DVD, buy new earrings, get an manicure, cook a favourite expensive meal, remember you deserve REWARD for EFFORT.

    I hope you succeed. It will be well worth it

  8. megancrtr said :

    Here’s to you and your baby! Congratulations for the rest of your life.
    Make the effort to change your thinking to the reasons why you are quitting, rather than thinking how you miss those cigs. Whenever you catch yourself longing to smoke, stop right there and consciously change. If you have to, pull out your list of positives, and say them or shout them!
    Don’t forget to have healthy snacks on hand and lots of fruit juice and water for the first week or so.
    Lots of help here:

  9. Pietro said :

    I mean this in the nicest posbsile way, truly – living in California must have made you a little bit nuts. 🙂 Because you are *beautiful. Gorgeous. Truly. “Fat” would be the *last adjective I’d ever use to describe how you look. You look classy and *gorgeous. Snap out of it! :)You need Carson to make you strip naked in Times Square, maybe. 🙂


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