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Im am trying to learn guitar what are some free online resources i can use?

I am a complete newbie and would like to learn quick and fast but i have 7 brothers and sisters and don’t have the money to pay for lessons with economy being as it is right now i have been teaching my self piano and been playing baritone b.c. for 4 years so i do know basics such as reading music on a staff

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5 Responses to “Im am trying to learn guitar what are some free online resources i can use?”

  1. xXDemigodXx said :


  2. Mason said :

    Great website for guitar lessons, guides, tabs, reviews, etc… I go on it everyday 🙂

  3. Barden95 said :

    Hi there you can try youtube as its free and reliable to use. Thats how i learned how to play. Search for Guitar Jamz or Marty Schwartz and it will come up with different lessons including beginner songs and tunes up to quite advanced.

    A good tip for the long road ahead is not to lose heart if you cant do something straight away and just have fun 😀

  4. Guitar Guy said :

    Here is a free guide to teach you to play the guitar overnight.

  5. I've got it! said :

    A fellow Yahoo! Answers user showed me this one once:

    I love it; it’s a great resource for learning to do more than just play chords (some of the other sites mentioned in other answers are good for chords). One tip: get over the idea to learn “quick and fast” if you really want to enjoy guitar. If you take your time and stick with it, you’ll be really good a lot faster than if you rush things. I’m speaking from experience on this one.


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