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Can you learn the bass guitar without first learning the guitatar?

I have no experience in playing guitar or other instruments and would really like to learn bass. Could i learn bass without first learning guitar, or is it necessary to learn guitar first. I dont want crits just telling me to go play guitar please.

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4 Responses to “Can you learn the bass guitar without first learning the guitatar?”

  1. ak_gamer0615 said :

    Bass guitar and Electric or acoustic guitar are played similarly, but have different uses and styles. I see no reason why would would need to know one to another, although having that knowledge couldn’t hurt.
    So you should be able to learn the bass guitar without learning how to play any other guitar first.

  2. KnightVision said :

    You can learn either first, and pick up the other later (if that’s what you want to do). They are different and similar at the same time. If you are learning to read music, just be aware that the bass works from the Bass Clef while the Guitar is based on the Treble Clef. Good idea to know both scales regardless.

  3. andrew s said :

    yes. I have played bass for almost 7 years and guitars do nothing but confuse me

  4. argiiscool said :

    Except for the manner in which they are played (changing pitches by moving your fingers and strumming strings) and how they are tuned (with tuning pegs) they are not very similar instruments. The Bass Guitar is in bass clef and usually plays a more melodic line. The Guitar is played in treble clef and usually plays chords. Bass has usually only four or five strings and the Guitar has six (or sometimes twelve).

    You can definitely learn Bass Guitar without learning the Guitar first, you should have no problem with it.


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