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What is the Best Way to Learn Guitar Without Taking Lessons?

How to learn guitar on your own for a complete beginner with no experience?

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4 Responses to “What is the Best Way to Learn Guitar Without Taking Lessons?”

  1. RastafaRay said :

    Tablature is pretty simple once you understand the frets and fingering. Try these sites:

  2. sadie c said :

    well i never took guitar lessons, ive been playing by ear since i was 3. but whenever i wanna learn a song, i usually look for tabs on or i watch “how to” vids on youtube.

  3. Joseph Hawking said :

    I hear you! Who wants to pay for lessons anyway, right?

    On average, lessons cost $30 for 30 mins or $60 for an hour these days. I can understand you not wanting to shell out thousands in fees – which is what you would have to do to get lessons with a teacher to bring you up to standard.

    I would recommend getting the Jamorama online guitar course. It’s just $49.95 and you can sign up for free lessons before buying anything so you can see if it suits you first – click this link to find out more

    There are also some tips and advice here

  4. Apple said :

    I know that it is very simple but you must learn some basics to successfully become an adequate guitar player.when I was Googling i found one useful site where you can learn from extensive library of books related to learning how to play guitar from Intermediate level to advanced level.Also some Instructions and tips on how to play acoustic and electric guitar. There you can find some Targeted lessons on scales, chords, and finger techniques.


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