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Can you learn to play guitar without having ever held one?

When I was young, some of my friends knew how to play the guitar really good and I alwawys wanted to learn. I always wanted to play the guittar, the piano and violin, but first of all the guitar. Is it possible to learn how to play guitar without having ever held one. If so, how and is there a website to go to or what.

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7 Responses to “Can you learn to play guitar without having ever held one?”

  1. IDENTITY987 said:

    Yes, you can learn all the theory involved, and through visualization you can even practice. Now when it comes time to physically use a guitar it will be like working off instinct, something you know well but have not done.

  2. Jessica M said:

    uh…you should probably start by holding one….

    if you can get a guitar, a quick way to learn is to look up chord charts and tabs…

    teach yourself how to read them and you’ll be set for life…..

  3. zanemichaels said:

    No you can’t. It would be useless because its mostly about training your fingers to go to the spots on the guitar to strum certain notes. Some of the ways you must configure your fingers is complicated and takes practice and training. Plus you must put pressure on the fingers that only comes through practice.

  4. kaisergirl_1 said:

    Compare it to learning to drive. You can go online and read all about cars, rules of the road, state laws, ect. But until you get your hands on that wheel you wont be driving. If you really want to play and cannot get a guitar yet, by all means study up all you can, but your goal would have to be to get your hands ON a guitar, and actually learn how to play it. Good luck.

  5. chessmaster1018 said:

    Well first you do have to hold it to see, you can’t just pick it up and play, nobody has that ability, and then if you like the feel, go for it. Seriously, most people can learn how to play guitar, unless your tone deaf, or do not have the ability to play music, some people don’t no matter how much that they want to. Go to the guitar center and get an inexpensive acoustic guitar and get on a web site that has a few cords for guitar and see what you think, or pick up a book for beginners, get the salesperson to recommend one. Start out with cords like C, D, E, Am, and fool around with those and see how you do, if in two three months you see that your not getting it then maybe it’s not for you. It’s not as easy as most people think, your fingers and hand will hurt for a couple of months until you get callouses. If it’s really in you to play you won’t let anything or anybody get in your way, so go for it !!!!!! To save money you could also go to a local music store and rent a guitar for a few months. Good luck !

  6. ii7-V7 said:

    100% No.

    You can learn alot about guitar. But until you have to overcome the physical hurdles of the instrument you won’t be able to do much of anything.

  7. Jeremy Guszak said:

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