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What’s a good way to learn to play guitar by yourself?

I dont want the help of guitar teachers or whatever, I want to learn by myself, but I’m not sure what the best way to learn is.
Can anyone help?

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6 Responses to “What’s a good way to learn to play guitar by yourself?”

  1. cheriee-rachiee said :

    Theres some really good videos on youtube that may help.

  2. dont know it all said :

    I learned without teachers — except for a folk guitar program on PBS television years ago taught by Laura Webber.

    There are courses on DVDs, and also instruction books. Lots of guitar players share their techniques on YouTube, so that’s a great resource, too. Do a Google search for “guitar method” or “guitar course” and you will find tons of choices.

    The main thing is to practice, practice, practice. And enjoy!

  3. udontknowme180 said : is a great site, but they make fun of people that use Y! Answers a lot. (Let’s be honest, most of them are stupid, “rite”?)

    Just learn how to read tab and then learn some simple songs. Most importantly: pratice is necessary if you want to progress.

  4. Demo-brat said :

    It’s very very hard. My recommendation would be to check out some of the online lessons offered. Here’s a link.

  5. Justine S said :

    learn tab

  6. T/G said :

    You need to get a dvd or a very illustrative book that shows you how to do the simple chords. After that, start playing your favorite songs if they use the same chords u know. Then take it from there.


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