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Dog Obedience trainers. Looking to volunteer my time to learn the field?

I have just recently completed a course at Penn foster for dog obedience trainer and am looking for a facility to continue my learning with hands on. I have been having a terrible time trying to find some where to volunteer. Any suggestions/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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4 Responses to “Dog Obedience trainers. Looking to volunteer my time to learn the field?”

  1. Toy Fox Terrier said :

    Check with your local animal shelter. I’m sure they’d REALLY appreciate the help with some of their dogs.

  2. Rotten Rotts said :

    Shelters, breed rescues, and check with some local obedience classes. Its great to have someone that can spend one on one time with problem dogs

  3. madfly80 said :

    Why dont you look into Petsmart or Petco. I know that Petsmart puts you through an accreditation course and you get paid to work. That will give you the work experience you need to sit for the NADOI exam in a few years and you can also volunteer in the shelters to build additional experience. I am getting ready to sit for my CPDT exam, but the lead instructor time I got through Petsmart. From there you can branch out on your own or continue working at Petsmart but also offer classes on your own that dont conflict like agility, flyball, tracking, conformation, ect.

  4. gffrederiky said :
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