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Dog Obedience. How well do you know the definitions?

Here are some terms used in dog obedience competition. How well do know the answers. Best gets 10 points as always. This is based on the AKC rules.

Heel position.
Qualifying Score.
Scent Discrimination.

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One Response to “Dog Obedience. How well do you know the definitions?”

  1. wibelle37 said :

    Heel position – the dog is at the left side of the handler, head/shoulders approximately even with the position of the handler’s body

    Qualifying Score – 170 pts out of 200 possible; all events must be passed. If a dog gets 170 points but has failed one or more events, that dog does not get a Q.

    Disqualification – anything that does not allow the dog to compete according to AKC rules. For obedience, this could include deafness, blindness, aggression, etc.

    NQ – No/Not Qualified; did not qualify on that day

    OTCH – Obedience Trial Champion

    Scent Discrimination – choosing an object marked with the owner’s/handler’s scent from among a group of similar, non-scented objects


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