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Does Petsmart in Costa Mesa have a dog obedience class schedule?

Class schedule for “beginning” classes in dog obedience
days? times? locations? price?

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4 Responses to “Does Petsmart in Costa Mesa have a dog obedience class schedule?”

  1. hunterdog57 said :

    It is usually posted near the enclosure they train in. The cost is around $109 for 8 weeks. For a better bang for your buck, go to or Search the club listings for a training club(obedience) in your area. The training will be far better and done by people who have trained their own dogs and shown them in obedience trials and earned titles on them.

  2. Lisa J said :

    We tried it in our area, going through 2 sessions of classes and were very disappointed. Here’s a better way to get the best training for your dog and do it in your own home, where 99% of the training takes place anyway. It’s the best!

  3. Diana said :

    I have used the one at my petsmart and was very happy with the results for my dog. I try to do all my business there because their prices are right and I can always use my PetSmart couponsto make it even more affordable.

  4. Dorinda said :

    They have it posted at the front of my store. A friend of mine did it and got lots of PetSmart discountsjust for taking the class. I guess it depends on your budget.


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