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how can i become a dog obedience trainer?

i know it’s all common sense and i am good at training already. There is obviously always more to learn. But I would like to get myself into a position where i can start to make this a business. I have never competed in dog trials. My ultimate goal would be to do training for police dogs. I just don’t know how to get started. I don’t think those online” learn to be ” sites are any good because anyone can take your money and say that you are certified. I want to find a real portal into the dog training field.

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One Response to “how can i become a dog obedience trainer?”

  1. Amy said :

    First of all, I think the biggest thing is experience. And lots of it. You have to not only know training techniques, but you have to be able to train and work with ALL types of personalities and temperaments of dogs. I would get very involved in the type of training that you would like to master and teach. Being a dog trainer is a big responsibility. It’s not only teaching a dog, but it’s also teaching the dog’s owner, which can sometimes be harder. Ha! I wouldn’t use any online sites to become certified.

    Good Luck!! I have taught dog obedience, but it was basic dog obedience to my community. I started off with taking the classes with my dog that lead to competing in the ring. I became very experienced with many different breeds and personalities working with rescue organizations as well as kennel clubs. We were also involved in TDI and CGC. So I felt really confident offering basic dog obedience and it was successful.


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