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I want to learn to play guitar…. what chords do I need to learn and how many are there?

My daughter is learning to play the guitar on her own.
If she keeps it up……. we will get lessons or something.
For now…… she just wants to learn the basics.
How many chords are there and which ones does she need to know (for simple songs)?

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5 Responses to “I want to learn to play guitar…. what chords do I need to learn and how many are there?”

  1. Dylan S said :

    There are a gizzillion chords but.. you only need to know a few to get started.
    A E D could be used for Wild Thing by Jimi Hendrix
    G D C could be used for Yellow Submarine by The Beatles
    G D Cadd9 could be used for Every Rose Has It’s Thorn by Poison
    there are a lot of chords but you just need to know major chords and minors to get started
    E F G A B C D major and minor will have you playing tons of songs.

  2. peace_13 said :

    buy a teach yourself guitar book. If she picks that up, she doesnt need lessons. In my opinion that is the best way to go. But it is also good if you know someone (like family) that knows how to play that could help her if she gets confused. Get a simple teach yourself guitar book. Learn chords like e,a, b, g. You dont have to learn just those, that is just an example. GOOD LUCK!

    EDIT: also try this book:

    it doesnt teach you to read music, but it gives you the fingerings for EVERY chord. My dad has this, it is amazing. I love going through it because it is easy to get the chords and fingerings right. I know you can buy it at barnes and noble. And I’m sure you could ask someone that works there if they sold a teach yourself guitar book.

  3. NOMAD said :

    What you can do is get her a chord chart most easy song are in the same key and use three to five chords hope she sticks with it good luck!

  4. Ordo Ad Chao said :

    There are many many many many chords in the whole field of guitar. It also depends on what kind of guitar and music you are playing. For example, you won’t really need power chords on an acoustic guitar or when you play acoustic guitar songs. Most probably you’ll need barre chords and full chords on the acoustic.

    On the electric you might probably need power chords, octaves, barre chords, diminished chords etc, for the electric guitar has a bigger field.

    It’s best to start out with learning the basic MINOR AND MAJOR CHORDS in all Keys. Also learn the minor and major scales in all keys and different positions and how the relate to chords.

    Also learn correct fingering and to make use of all four fingers and not just three like people who just start out with the guitar usually do.

    Chords also depends on the music you play. If you play modern mainstream songs you’ll probably just need to understand and learn power chords and barre chords. If you’re into Jazz, Heavy Metal and fushion you’ll need more complex chords.But those are the later stuff..

    Once you have that all down your daughter could have an edge over the others when it comes to her first lesson. (:

  5. Code Shred said :

    Watch the chords video on this website.


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