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How long for a beginner to learn with tabs to play guitar solo?

How long would it take a begginner to learn to play a guitar solo with tabs for example

(Led Zeppelin / stairway to heaven)
How long would it take for a beginner to learn with tabs to play a guitar solo

for example (Led Zeppelin / Stairway to heaven)

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7 Responses to “How long for a beginner to learn with tabs to play guitar solo?”

  1. diegoga2002 said :

    it’s not so hard, once youve mastered the bendsand stuff like that specially for stairway to heaven try playing it slow first….

  2. michelle said :

    Well, I think it all depends on you (natural skill, how long you practice, and the dexterity your hands). Of course, it’ll take a while and lots of hard work though, since you’re a beginner. =P

  3. SICKER THAN YOUR AVERAGE. [ftsk] said :

    i reccomend trying something a bit easier, as you are a beginner.
    but if you really want to, take it piece by piece, and eventually, you’ll have it.

  4. death6strings said :

    Depends…for beginner i suggest a guitar solo from ironman(Black Sabbath)

  5. ktar said :

    Right now, just learn the basics. Don’t even worry about tab for now. Getting the basics down first is so important and many beginners tend to overlook that at their loss. Once you get the basics and DEVELOP YOUR EAR, then you’ll realize you don’t need tab. Jimi Hendrix never used tab.

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