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Have any of you guys gave up smoking?


I haven’t smoked in 7 days!!!! I have gone cold turkey, please someone tell me it is going to get easier!

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6 Responses to “Have any of you guys gave up smoking?”

  1. Poindexter said :

    congradulations!!!!!!! yes, it gets easier, trust me. I’m at 25 days quit now. Keep the quit!

    You are doing marvelous!!!

  2. Malone said :

    Congrats! I’m trying to quit. Have you checked out might help you connect more to your cravings.

    Understand that they will go away, you WILL feel much better, however … it comes back, be prepared for that second round (About 6 weeks time) if you can get through that, you’re good to go!

    Congrats again!

  3. byron101540 said :

    After you get past the 30 day mark, is a milestone,

    AT 7 days the body is just begining to readjust

    A lot of folks restart before the 30 days mark BTDT

  4. Only trying to help others 204 said :

    I have heard from my chemistry teacher in a lesson that every cigarette takes away 20 mins of your life. So if you smoke three in one day you will loose a hour of you life. I have never smoked in my life coz im a teenager but all I know is that if you smoke you will get hooked onto it and it is not good. I think if you don’t smoke in a while you will not feel as bad.
    Hope that would help motivate yourself.

  5. ecstaticdevine said :

    It will! I gave up cold turkey too and have been quit for 3 years after smoking 10. Here is a good tip: Try drinking chamomile tea to calm your nerves and check with your local Whole Foods (or any other health supply store) to find Licorice root. It makes the cigs taste NASTY once it’s in your system. BE STRONG! Life is so much better without those things. Once you are past the month mark you are home free!

  6. animalsrme said :

    Sadly, I am in my 27th year of smoking. Congratulations on your accomplishment, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!


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