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Why when guys say that i should give up smoking i have only more motivation not to do it?

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9 Responses to “Why when guys say that i should give up smoking i have only more motivation not to do it?”

  1. bats_fanfilm said:

    NOT to do it? It sounds like you’re heeding their valuable advice. 😛

  2. tobcol said:

    I don’t think is has anything to do with just guys. I smoke and have many of times been told by ex-girlfriends to quit. If you enjoy it, tell them to and not to impose their lifestyle on yours.

  3. unnecessary_trouble said:

    Because no one likes to be told what they should do.

  4. lynda_is said:

    You don’t want others telling you what to do. You want to make the decision yourself.

  5. korbbec said:

    Because no one wants to be told what to do and everyone wants what they can’t (or shouldn’t) have.

  6. bradhartel said:

    You are resistant to being told what to do, but this time LISTEN!!


    (and you will save tons of $$$$$’s)

  7. demonic_4u said:

    Because ur stupid and enjoy the dying pleasure of a cancer stick that will make your body old an wrinkly at an early age and will kill you by a lung disease, thats horrible.. and probably two heart attacks adna nice few weeks in a assisted living home when your too weak to take care of yourself and grandkids… sigh

  8. draciron said:

    I have to agree. I personally have smoked far too long and should quit but many non-smokers are such a-hles that I NEVER want to be a non-smoker. So even when I quit I’ll do something just so I’m not one of them.

    You can blame the politicians. They needed something to make Americans hate Americans. Smoking was it. People have actually died over the issue. The reality is there is no danger from second hand smoke unless your exposed to tons of it over a decades. Even then it’s a tiny risk. People are people and if you can’t stand other peoples perfumes, that they smoke, loud clothing, sneezing and the million other irritations that come from being around humans then don’t go out. The alternate to this is to make everybody shave all body hair, wear the same clothing, eat the same thing and think the same thing. It is our differences that are our strengths and our tolerance to others that allow our diversity to be a strength.

  9. catharin_dog_catdog said:

    becuase guys dont like girls smokeing,why,because it makes your breath stink it kills your lungs instant. I used to smoke but i quit it and it feels good being healthy, so you should trie to stop smoking.


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