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Ladies who gave up smoking for pregnancy, did you resume after your baby arrived?

I do not smoke, I am merely curious!

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7 Responses to “Ladies who gave up smoking for pregnancy, did you resume after your baby arrived?”

  1. papercut said :

    i stopped smoking even a couple of weeks before i knew that i was pregnant, it was as if my body told me that there is something going on with me, but unfortunately i gave back in after he was born, because i was so stressed out no help.

  2. twins will be here soon :) said :

    I stopped smoking when I found out I was expecting twins! I don’t plan to start smoking again after their arrival because it is bad for their health and mine 🙂 x

  3. College Girl! ♡ said :

    I stopped the same day I found out I was pregnant, and I havent had one since, hes 7 months, I cant believe I ever smoke, I dont even miss a thing about smoking!


  4. Ivy's Having Twins! said :

    I quite a couple weeks after the positive test, and although I assumed I would start back up once they were born, I have lost my interest in it, and now don’t think I will.

  5. ♥ laula ♥ jack born 14th dec 09 said :


    i was a smoker of sorts…. when i went out (fri/sat/sun) id smoke with a drink. i would never smoke in the week or in the day.

    i gave up completely when i was pregnant however i now smoke again when i go out lol.

    its so wierd. every1 tells me im the only 1 they know who can just smoke weekends. so i have… maybe 10 a weekend, if that….

    i wish i hadnt but being a mommy is hard, and now im loosing weight its a guilty pleasure of mine xxx

  6. Harry and Isla's Mummy! xx said :

    I gave up smoking during pregnancy, my baby girl is now 4 weeks old and I tried a puff of it once, I hated it, and I will NEVER go near one again.

    It’s such a waste of money, and I hope to set a good example for my kids.

    Well done to all that quit!!

  7. ♥ 2 girlies and now a prince ♥ said :

    With the girls i gave up as soon as i found out i was pregnant but went back to smoking after not around them though ( just nights and weekends) it took us 2 and a bit year to conceive number 3 so after a year i decided to give up smoking to see if it helped ( we were going crazy and tried everything!!) then after about 15month of not smoking i feel pregnant so didn’t smoke during the pregnant, he’s now 4 weeks and i haven’t smoked in almost 2 years and ive decided while i’m not having strong cravings to not go back ( i still get craving sometimes though )


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