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what is the best way to gave up smoking ?

6 year smoking , i still 24 years old , singel , amount 10 sigarets on day

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6 Responses to “what is the best way to gave up smoking ?”

  1. boxersgirlbunny said:

    New cool laser procedure in the ear. Don’t do hypnosis, you will be physically sick every time you even think about one, not to mention if you come upon someone enjoying one of the delicious cancer sticks.

  2. ann said:

    Every time you feel like smoking you just have mint and thst will help.good luck

  3. byron101540 said:

    since your only doing a 1/2 pack a day, the patch would probably your best bet

  4. vonisha j said:

    all you had to do go to the store to find that gum to stop smoking buy to it at wal-mart then eat it for 2 week then you stop

  5. Rayan said:

    Tamnouni ass7ab el mawki3 ba3dkon 3am Betablo w tzamro la 7abibkon baashr es zaliim Wala 5ajlenin fih aslan 2arabit mber7 2a3wino w bokra hiwi w Allah 3ala kol shay2 kadiir

  6. Sawsan said:

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