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how do i train my dog without treats?

i’m trying to crate train her and she doesn’t seem like she’s crazy about treats. she’ll eat’em but she wont be trained with them. she’s 7weeks old, she’s a dachshund.she cries and whines like crazy when i lock her in her crate. And when i ignore her when she cries, she cries even more.
i’ve read dog training(puppy training)books and watched video’s,but it doesnt seem like its working for my dog.

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27 Responses to “how do i train my dog without treats?”

  1. The Game said :

    spack it

  2. Rachel - Pit Police Captain said :

    She’s too young to be away from the dam….that’s likely a part of it.

    If she is not very food motivated, and some dogs simply aren’t, know that physical and verbal praise is just as much reward to her as an edible treat.

  3. Yousif (Joe) R said :

    negative sanctions – shock collars and the like…

    Its too cruel though…

  4. Randee TAS said :

    You have to find something that appeals to her and use it only for different types of training. I potty trained my dog with very small pieces of cheese. Of course she cries when you just lock her in there, you have to slowly introduce the crate. Not sure where you read to just lock her in there, but that is wrong and will be part of your problem to fix.

  5. Redneck chic13 said :

    1st if she crys when she’s in the cage let her out. 2nd just rubher belly insted of giving her treats

  6. Heisenberg said :

    Use love instead of treats

  7. Angelina said :

    Why do you lock her in a crate and ignore her?

    Would that not upset you if you were young and helpless and someone locked you in a crate and ignored you?

  8. LittleMissMagic said :

    SHOUT at it

  9. StephB said :

    Positive reinforcement for good behavior and ignore bad behavior. Good luck!

  10. stock2004dc said :

    more time and time it.

  11. kelly_girl762000 said :

    i collar trained my dog, with a dogtra collar… works well, look for a place u can take ur dog training or research how to use this collar and buy one, what kind of dog is it

  12. rockin4495 said :

    Get a hand clicker. They really work. You can get them at any pet store. You can also get a shock coller. I know that it sounds inhumane but it isn’t. My dog has one and he used to bite all of the time. We shocked him once but other then that we just give him a tone (it comes with the collar) and he knows to settle down and behave. Good Luck with trainging your knew dog.

  13. dittobrain said :

    i thing you should put like a toy in your hand and get her to do stuff if you want you can do stuff with the toy like get her to jump.

  14. ~YoUr G said :

    put her in the crate for a few mins at a time. give her some thing to do in her crate.Like chew on a toy or a bully stick make it positive slowly build up time and don’t let her our when she crys wait until she has settled down first. Maybe you should try some better treats. Use soft stinky treats. Like Tid Bits or Zukes Mini Naturals

  15. travis123 said :

    in stead of dog treats use little pieaces of cut up hot dog, only until shes trained. than get back to dog treats, and if she whines when shes in the crate tell her, firmly and shell get the idea that whineing is bad. even if shes cute as hell youve go to disapline her,

    hope this helps!

  16. ♥Love is a Border Collie Rescue♥ said :

    It’s nearly impossible to train without any kind of reward. If the treats aren’t working for her, than you need to find something that does.

    She’s not motivated by this treat, have you tried others? Look into homemade healthy treats that most dogs just LOVE. Something that smells a lot is really helpful. (Like liver).

    When it comes to puppy crate training, and dachshunds, you don’t want to put to much on her at once. Open the crate, when she goes in, praise, and let her out. In, for say, five seconds, then out. In for 10 seconds, six seconds, three seconds, 20 seconds… just so she realizes when she goes in, she gets to come out! Just make sure you aren’t always putting her in for longer and longer, or she’ll stress. Irregular time intervals will help her.

  17. Jessica P said :

    My bullmastiff/rottie puppy whined too when I crate trained her. Persistance is the key. When she was younger she didn’t like treats too much so I used one of those little clicker things you can buy from the pet store…she seemed to respond to that but as she got older she wanted the treats…now if I even walk past the cookie jar she is sitting there patiently waiting and wagging her tail for a treat! As for the crate….I would put her in there for a little bit…then take her out and use the bathroom, then let her play for a while, then put her back in. That worked for her.

  18. cougardennis said :

    tell him what you want show him what you want then make him do it. praise when he does it. when he doesn’t do it repeat until he does. do this a few minutes few times a day. and after many weeks months and years there trained.

  19. fadingblueshadow said :

    i have three dogs and none of them use a crate. i think crate training is cruel, would u like to be locked in a box for hours? why dont u sit in the closet for several hours and see if you like it. if your dog needs help with potty training, use common sense and paper train him, and use a baby gate on a small room like the kitchen or bathroom . when dogs are young their bladders are small, they cannot physically hold the urine for long periods, u must let them out frequently, or paper train.

  20. VW said :

    put a stuffed ty in it with her and a kong with peanut butter to keep her busy. you can also freeze the kong with the PB in it to last awhile

  21. Full Pawtential Dog Training said :

    Is she crazy about anything else? Tennis ball, toy, etc?

    The easiest and fastest way to train is to use something that motivates…which is why most people use food…becuase most dogs love it….

    For crate training you need to make the crate really comfortable for her and introduce it to her slowly. If you lock her in there for a few hours right away she will think that when you put her there it’s time for you to leave. You want her to put her in and let her out of the crate often so that she does not think that going in the crate = you leaving. Now that she may already have a negative association, it will take a little longer for you to train her.

    Once she starts crying, theres nothing you can do. You HAVE TO ignore her and wait for that second she stops to let her out. Otherwise you are rewarding her for crying.

    Also at 7 weeks, she needs to potty frequently…remember don’t leave her in there for more than 2 hours. And she is so young, she still wants her mommy…she should have been with mom for another week or 2. That is also a reason why she is crying.

  22. blznsun2004 said :

    Positive influence is the best thing. Just make sure that you don’t respond to her cries by letting her out. You will never get her back in there. I have 5 dogs and they are all kennel trained and it wasn’t with food, it was by me being the “pack leader” and projecting the energy and positive reinforcements that this is the way it was going to be.

    Watch the Dog Whisperer, or read his books that stuff works. It is more about how you are acting that the dogs react to. Plus you don’t want a food driven Dachshund…….
    Good luck!

  23. Jay J said :

    sorry but it is extremely hard to train a dog without treats just use bits of chicken,ham ect

    good luck!!!!try playing lots before you train your dog if it dont respond to treats it may help

  24. damselchum said :

    At 7 weeks old she’s too young to be away from her litter. 8 weeks is the bare minimum most (reputable)breeders perfer 10-12 weeks.

    Your dog is lonely. Where in the house is your crate? Moving it to a higher traffic area – where she’ll still be around everybody can help.

    You need to start associating the crate with a good thing. Feed her in her crate, does she have a favorite toy? She only gets it in the crate. when she does go in the crate – YOU go into “super happy party mode”

    My last pup I got waaaaayyy too young (Mum stopped nursing her and the litter needed to be bottle raised) She got sick and had to be seperated from her litter at 4 weeks. The dog would cry for HOURS. I ended up putting her crate right next to my bed and sleeping with my hand slid in between the bars. The pup got better once she was a bit older. I was eventually able to get a good night’s sleep

    good luck

  25. Swamp Poodles *TAS* said :

    What are you using for treats? You might try something REALLY good! Some boiled chicken breast- some leftover steak or hamburger? You have to find something she really likes.

    As for the training books/videos- I can only say that if it’s not working, then you’re doing something wrong- either trying to move too fast, or something.

  26. SC said :

    Generally treats are the best way to crate train a dog. if the dog is not interested, then the treats are not of sufficient quality and/or it may be already too full to be interested. At 7 weeks, you may not be able to interest it in much. Try feeding the pup in the crate and also praise the puppy for being in the crate. Try higher quality treats such as freeze dried salmon, cat food or baked liver (home baked, not store bought).
    Do not try to immediately lock the pup in. place treats in crate, praise pup for entering and allow the pup to be acquainted with the crate for some time before doing very short crating time. At first, just close the door for a moment. Then graduate to longer time periods. Remember that a puppy can only be expected to hold their bladder for one hour for every month of life plus one hour. So a pup that is less than two months old could not be expected to wait more than three hours between pottying (even with practice) so short crate times are all that is to be expected. I agree that 7 weeks is early and that the pup should have been left with the mother until at least 8 weeks. Don’t expect too much from the pup as it is exceedingly young and not ready for much yet.

  27. ilovedog said :

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