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Is dog obedience training worth the money?

I found a dog obedience class (beginner) that is 6 weeks long (meets 1 hr a week) and costs $150. This seems to be the average price. I want to know if others have been pleased with the outcome of their dog going through this?

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10 Responses to “Is dog obedience training worth the money?”

  1. Ocimom said :

    Unless you really know how to properly train a dog, its best to go thru the classes.

  2. Naysaツ said :

    It is especially worth it if you have never owned a dog before or you have never trained a dog before.
    It’s also good for socializing. You can learn alot from the trainers and other dog owners, I think it is worth it

  3. Animal Lover For Life! said :

    I think it is worth it, my friend toke her Dog to Obedience School and when all the classes were over, her Dog changed.

    I hope I helped!

  4. Becky said :

    $25 per class is reasonable even for the most basic obedience training. The exposure and socialization is equally important. So unless the trainer is a total hack, I’d say yes, it’s worth the price. 🙂

  5. Bozema said :

    I have taken every dog I’ve ever owned through obedience training (one even went twice because I got him as an adult and he had a lot of issues to work out). It has always been a positive experience even though I have gone before. I always learn something new each time and the dog gets a positive socialization experience along with training. Money well spent.

  6. Luci J said :

    YES!! Please take your dog to obedience class. Can’t stress it enough, you need to do the training too. Don’t neglect your practice or the training won’t be worth it. And thank you in advance for training your dog. You are being a good pet parent.

  7. Julia Y said :

    Absolutely. It is not only about teaching your dog obedience when you are alone with them at home, it is about having them listen to you when there are distractions.

    Our dog had kennel cough for the first two classes so we had to do the lesons with her at home. She listened perfectly at home, and then not at all in class. It took the entire 6 last class sessions until she would listen to us, even with the ten other dogs panting and barking around her.

    Take the class. You don’t want to be the person with the annoying disobedient dog who is constantly jumping up on people.

  8. Missa said :

    lets put it this way even the pros still take their dogs to obedience!
    that be-in said, yes its worth it!
    it will teach you how to properly train your pooch and it gives you two a good bonding time!!
    Trust me, you will be very happy with the out come when you complete your class

  9. Lizzie said :

    I greatly enjoyed going to my first obedience class, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Today, I’d do things a little differently. I’d go to watch a few classes before I paid my fee, to see if I liked the methods by which the dogs were being trained. For example, does it seem too rough? What is the main training tool, a choke chains, or a clicker? Something else?

    It is no secret that I favor clicker training but that is not to say that other methods don’t work, too. I would prefer to keep training as much fun as possible for my dog and I, without using avoidance techniques. You’re entitled to your opinion, too.

  10. kjh said :

    always, behavior problems are the leading reason dogs end up in shelters, training will help you and your dog stay together for life, as it should be.


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