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How do you train your dog?

Do you hire a dog trainer or you buy a book on dog training? Or do you already know how to do it? I am not successful in training my dog and no matter how much i try he remains untrained and unwilling to listen.

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6 Responses to “How do you train your dog?”

  1. Ruby 64 said :

    I do it myself. I do go to a training club I belong to also, but I do training that they do not…There are lots of places to get help with training. Do a search!! RubysBoxers

  2. Stephanie said :

    Sounds like you need a professional trainer. I am doing the house training thing right now and read a few different things online and kind of just combined a couple. Good Luck!

  3. andrea H said :

    Dog Trainer. Dont go to petsmart or none of that retail bullshit though. I have worked at a dog kennel for six years and we also had a dog trainer that went through the “Tom Rose School of Dog Training” and he is very highly qualified in all training techniques. The classes were 6 weeks and $150 well worth it. My dog can walk off leash, listens to commands, very friendly, and knows right from wrong. He was adopted from a shelter. He is a mix breed of golden retriever and german shepherd. Also, Neutered which makes a big difference in behavior. I hope this info helps. Good Luck!!

  4. Elizabeth said :

    I trained my own dog. She is a corgi/border collie and she is now pretty darn close to perfect. i get compliments about her good behavior all the time. she is my child, so what i did like other parents do, is spank her when she’s bad and send her outside. it doesn’t have to be hard but enough to get the point across that what she did was bad. that could be a start? but my boyfriend’s dog does not react to that, she is a jack russle/pit.
    it’s not cruelty, it’s discipline.
    good luck.

  5. Jenny said :

    Obedience classes. Cheaper than hiring a trainer, more effective than reading a book.

    OTOH, I always recommend My Smart Puppy by Brian Kilcommons. It comes with a dvd, and he has a website, too:

  6. squirt s said :

    I’ve always trained my own dog (Though sometimes I’ve had to use the help of the internet to learn how to do it). I would say the next thing, if you dog refuses to listen, would be to take it to some public obedience class. You could also hire a dog trainer to work with just you and your dog alone, so he could help you and your dog personally.

    Good luck with your dog, I hope it goes well!


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