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How can I train my dog to potty outside?

My little Pekingese is about a year and half old now. He used to have no problem going potty outside. In the past few months, he’s recently stopped going outside and going inside. I’ve tried everything but all he wants to do is play with the our outdoor cats and run around when I take him out. I’ll walk him around the neighborhood and all he does is run into the street and not do what he is supposed to do. I take him out every two-three hours, repeat the word “potty” to him over and over and keep him outside for at least 20 minutes. I’ve even taken him to “Petsmart” for a dog training class and he did the same thing there. He tried to play (or sometimes even attack) the other dogs and would not pay attention at all. Please, I’m open to trying anything… HELP!

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7 Responses to “How can I train my dog to potty outside?”

  1. mrisa510 said:

    Have you taken him to the vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with him? Sometimes there is an underlying issue…

  2. Jackie J said:

    Don’t let him in the house. He’ll go eventually ….

  3. cynthia p said:

    i would take him to the vet to see if he has an infection. that’s what my cat would do and she had a kidney infection. also has anything in his life changed like surroundings, your job or people that come around? it could be a behavioral problem coming from stress.

  4. shell said:

    sounds like this is not from lack of trying!! is he desexed? it could be a territorial thing? go back to basics – only allow him access to a small room of the house, cover the floor in newspaper (and hope he doesn’t shred it). he will go on the paper, over the next few days to a week, make the paper area smaller and smaller until you are left with one sheet. Set him up to succeed though – if he goes outside the paper, make the area larger again. This takes patience!! Keep going until you don’t use the paper at all. Also make sure you are feeding him in the morning, not at night – that might help for night time accidents.

  5. madfly80 said:

    First off, if you were not satisfied with the class at Petsmart you can take the class again for free. Try a different trainer, it may help. Your trainer should not have allowed them to be close enough to try to play. If you retake the class, it is important that you go to all the classes. You should always rule out any medical causes by taking him to the vet. With that being said, in order to keep him from playing while outside, take him out on a leash. Take to ONE spot and just stand can tell him potty quietly one time, but let him focus. If he doesnt go within 5 minutes, carry him around the house for 2 minutes. Take him back to the SAME spot and repeat until he actually goes. Once he goes potty, throw him a ‘party’ (oh what a good boy, ect.) THEN he gets to go exploring and play. You shouldnt have to do this process for more than a few days and he should be going potty within the 5 minutes. Go back to the basics with him…if he isnt reliable in the house, then he has to be monitored if you are home. If you arent home he needs to be in a confined space. You can crate train him or put him in a playpen, bathroom,ect. with a potty pad. Make sure you monitor his food and water intake so that you can be aware of when he has to go, so you can get him outside. Do not freak out on him. Stay calm and take it from the beginning.

  6. loly said:

    get him a crate and take him out every other hour or two and only stay out ther for fifteen mintes repeting the word go potty and then if he doesn’t go then put back in his crate repet intil he go eventally he will atuomatcally go and will not have to be put in the crate as much. it work for me and my 1 year old shiz tuz when i thought that i had tryed everything! hopi helped !! 🙂

  7. Chit P said:

    you need to go back to crate training. it sounds like your dog needs a refresher course. Remember dogs will not soil the area they sleep if they can avoid it. if he is sleeping with you, you need to stop that immediately. you have to remember this is your house, not his. As for his walks. at first, you need to make his walks short and perfunctory. take him out of his crate every hour, to a certain spot you want him to make in. and say go potty when you notice his “pre-potty” behavior(ie, sniffing the ground, starting to squat) you give him no more than 15 minutes outside. if he doesn’t go. put him back in his crate for an hour. if he’s yipping, just ignore it. praise him while he is in his crate whenever he is quiet. Never punish him for an accident he made when you’re not there. Btw, You need to have a short leash. You can’t let him lead you. try to make him follow you.

    If you’re worried about him soiling the house and don’t want to use a crate, keep him on a leash at all times whilst in the house. if he starts to go into his “pre-potty” pattern, give him a quick tug say “no” to distract him from what he was about to do. then lead him to his spot outside.

    These require constant supervision. good luck!!!!


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