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How do you potty train a dog that refuses to go?

My dog is a year old and she refuses to potty train. Even if she just peed and pooped outside she will still come in and do it in the house sometimes in less than a half hour. It takes her that long to go sometimes outside. We have tried everything, but since she was trained on pee pads from the breeder so she does not want to be broken outside. Has anyone ever had this problem before because my family doesn’t know what else to do?

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2 Responses to “How do you potty train a dog that refuses to go?”

  1. refresherdownunder said :

    Quick answer is put potty pad out side.

    Puppy monsters are INCREADIBLY simple creatures.

    They want food and affection and they want them in equal emounts and they will do WHATEVER it takes too get them.

    Keep that in mind as we continue this discussion.

    Every SINGLE day. SAVAGELY restrict your dogs diet. Every SINGLE day take your dog out the back. When puppy monster makes potty outside reward her with both a BIT of food and a quarter ton of affection. Puppy monster makes a mess in side scold her and then ignore her.

    I GAURENTEE that if you do this she will be potty trained inside of five days (or your money back).

    Now too follow on with this. You need too work with puppy monsters at least twenty minutes a day on just basic obedience stuff. Sit. Stay. Heal. Ect. Every day. If you do that then ANY behavior that you find objectionable too can be quickly (in the span of three days) be completely erraticated.

    After she has been potty trained you can resume normal size feedings.

    I know it sounds a bit harsh and cold but puppy monsters respond best too affection and food. Nothing else gets thier attention quite so well.

    Hope this helps.

  2. b.w. said :

    once a dog has been trained to go indoors (pee pads) it is difficult to convince them thatgoing inside is wrong. After all, they were “good dogs” for going inside before. Since your dog is older it will be a little more difficult but here are my potty training tips. use the three month rule and don’t worry about night time, she can hold it. The first thing to remember about house training a puppy is there ability to hold themselves is limited. a rule of thumb is they can hold “it” usually 1 hour for each month of age. 2 months old = 2 hours, 3 months old = 3 hours, etc. When your puppy wakes up (morning, nap, whatever) the pup has to go, right then! take the pup out. When the pup eats or drinks, it has to go, take the pup out. after exercise (play), take the pup out. When the pup does it’s thing outside praise it. A lot. Tell the pup how good, how smart it is. You have to pay attention to the pups “looking for it’s spot” behavior. When you see that behavior indoors, whisk the pup out. if you catch the pup in the act, simply tell it “NO!” and whisk it outside. If you find a puddle or pile after the fact, clean it up with an enzyme cleaner (pet food store) get a newspaper and hit…. yourself in the head and say “i should have been paying more attention” daytime training they get pretty fast. Night time training is easier if you crate train the pup. Also remember the one hour/one month rule. you will have to get up through the night to take the pup out. Good luck. Since your dog has been trained to go indoors I would strongly suggest crating at night and when you are not home. Take the dog out immediently when getting up or coming home.


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