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Is it possible to train a dog to go to the bathroom in a litter box?

I am going away to New York for 2 and a half weeks and I have a six year old dog. My Grandmother is going to babysit him, but she lives on the fourth floor of an apartment building and she can’t walk that well so she couldn’t go walk him. He is a yorkie and I have no idea how to train him to go in a litter box and I leave on the 28. He is also a nippy dog so I don’t have anyone to babysit.

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15 Responses to “Is it possible to train a dog to go to the bathroom in a litter box?”

  1. Princess Meow said :

    you can train him to use the box just dont let him outside for wee’s and when he looks like he needs to go put him in the litter box and keep him there till he goes (search the net for toilet trining in puppies and just do the same thing except your outside / toilet area will be the litter box

  2. kirbyboy said :

    I have a Havanese and in the book I have it says they can be trained to go in a litter box. However, if the pup is 6 years old and has never been trained that way before, I don’t think it is going to work. Read up and research about litter training a dog. I used to have a Yorkie (he lived 14.5 years) and we always had trouble finding someone to watch him too but I wouldn’t change his training. Can your grandmother stay at your house? Or possibly put him in a kennel, he will have to learn to adjust. Good luck-

  3. affie said :


  4. Gavin S said :

    Only if you glue it there

  5. fergie said :

    i’m not sure you can train him to go on puupy pads and then just throw them away and put a new one out

  6. numberofthebeast-666 said :

    You had better start now while he is still in his puppy stage
    and use the reward system if he does it correctly,if he doesn’t don’t reward him,but also don’t over feed him either.
    as i am not there i can’t show you and that makes it harder,
    and it’s also a long swim from Australia where i live.

  7. ladylynx26 said :

    here are some website on litter training you dog
    i hope this sites work for you good luck and hope all is well

  8. Teresa V said :

    I don’t know if you will be able to litter box train him in that short of a time but you could try. Is your grandmother able to empty a litter box? If she is not really physically able to watch and care for your dog maybe you should look into putting the dog in a kennel while you are gone. There are some really good kennels out there and then there are some bad ones. You could also get puppy pads and train your dog to use those for the bathroom then when the dog goes potty on them you just throw the old pad away and put the new pad out. Good Luck I hope your grandma does ok babysitting the dog.

  9. hanksimon said :
  10. kitty143cat said :

    Yes; check this site out

    Yes, you can housetrain your older puppy or adult dog to successfully learn to use the secondnature brand dog litter TOTAL HOUSETRAINING PROGRAM. Remember, every puppy or dog is unique in his or her own way. Your pet’s success depends on how consistent and attentive you are at following the suggested guidelines. If you have recently acquired a “new” puppy or dog regardless of his age or breed, we suggest you follow the secondnature TOTAL HOUSETRAINING PROGRAM, which you will find, affixed to every secondnature dog litter pan, as well as in this section of the website. Purina, in conjunction with its staff of dog breeders, trainers and behaviorists, spent years of dedicated research developing the secondnature brand dog litter TOTAL HOUSETRAINING PROGRAM. Through our research, we know that if you follow the three key steps including scheduling, confinement/crating and praise, you can get your pup or dog off to an excellent start with his housetraining. An important technique to incorporate when teaching any “new” behavior, is the KIS technique when translated means; “Keep It Simple.” You will have more success and avoid confusing your puppy or dog if you minimize your changes within his immediate environment and introduce new changes gradually.

  11. laura o said :

    um sorry but i have no idea! but maybe? but you know if it does’nt work well you know why …(its for cats)

  12. Byakuya said :

    we used to have a cat and our dog would see the cat use the litter box so she used it too.. she usually went outside, but if we waited to long to let her out she’d use the litter box..

  13. Anca said :

    It is possible (have seen it done for a small dog owned by an invalid), but I think it will take more time than you have before your trip. I think you should look at other options. Perhaps you could hire someone to walk the dog for your grandmother?

  14. al l said :

    I wouldn’t recommend this method. If you can find someone else to watch the dog it would be best or if you can take the dog with you. Without outsided exercise the dog will quickly become frustrated and restless which can result in other behavioral problems.

  15. oliver77 said :

    very interesting,educational,and informative.i really love the post I’m sure I’ll be back for up dates thanks.


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