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What exactly is the Best way to potty train a dog?

I’ve heard that crate-training is an excellent way to train a puppy, but so far my puppy has only peed in there. Any tips?

She (the dog) also seems to dislike her leash and fights it. Is this normal? And what can i do about it?

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8 Responses to “What exactly is the Best way to potty train a dog?”

  1. stacyandjason212 said:

    Is the crate small enough? It needs to be big enough only for her to turn around.

    It is normal. Leave it on her when you are both just hanging out in the house (ONLY when you are home). That way she can get used to the idea.

  2. Carmon said:

    well u could also try puppy pads they worked good for my dogs that i got! they always use them or u can teach her how to let u know that she has to go out !my Rott does that

  3. Jessica S said:

    Ok, I agree with everyone on the Crate Training. It has helped me alot. In addition, you need to put the puppy on a routine, which if you stick to it will help wonderfully!

    First thing in the AM, go outside to go potty.
    Feed the dog. Then back outside to go potty.
    After an hour or so, back outside to go potty, etc.
    And reward her when she goes outside. May also want to try puppy pads, they worked for one of my dogs. But we had a hard time trying to get him to go on grass after that.

  4. Amber Tastes Like Murder said:

    all i did was take her outside and tell her to go to the bathroom and i wouldnt let her inside until she went.
    if she does go in the house,
    put her outside or in a cage for a few minutes

  5. Rennie T said:

    i used mates first then i started putting him outside and when he told me he had to go i rewarded him

  6. Voelven said:

    I’ve always used the following method:

    – Take her out every time she’s slept, played and eaten.
    – Take her out everytime she starts to circle or sniff around.
    – Go outside with her and wait. As soon as she squats to do her business you can softly praise her and add a cue (so that you can make her pee on cue later). Once she’s done PRAISE her like crazy.
    – If you catch her in the act inside, take her out to pee immediately.
    – If you cath her too late. Clean up the mess with a cleaner that removes organic smell. Do not punish your dog in any way.

    I don’t use crate training, but I’ve always coordinated getting a new puppy during a vacation. That way I can watch it like a hawk 24 hours a day, and take it out whenever it has to go until it is housebroken. If that’s not possible for you, I would suggest keeping her in a designated area (fenced off area in the kitchen perhaps) when you can’t supervise her and cover the floor with newspapers (or something else, or nothing all, all depending if she’s a shredder or not. Her safety must come first).

    Be consistent. The more successful outside potty-breaks you manage, the faster she’ll learn. Be patient. Housebreaking can take anywhere from 10-14 days to 6 months.

    It’s normal for her to dislike her leash. I would suggest snapping on the leash just indoors for now and just for short periods of time. Snap it on and before she has time for any hysterica you do something FUN to distract her. Never take off the leash when she acts up, instead wait until she’s calm (even if just for a second) and then take it off.

  7. : P said:

    The best way to potty train a dog is to use puppy pads. What I found to be the best way (I breed dogs.) is to start by having a puppy pad in the cage with the gate open. Only start leaving the gate open after about a week though. That way she can learn to go to the pad. Eventually, you should be able to move the pad away from the cage and she will go on it.
    Also, make sure you take her outside on a regular basis. She should then associate outside with potty time.
    It is normal for them to fight the leash. Put the leash on her when you are around your house. Play with her and even give her snacks while she is on the leash.
    Hope I helped.

    Also the way Voelvin said works but you have to have lots of free time to do that. You just have to watchbway too much to do that.

  8. LuvMayer said:

    Crate training and outside potty is the way to go.

    The crate needs to be big enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down. It shouldn’t be any bigger than this. She needs to sleep in this crate at night, and if you desire (and if it suits her) she will eat her meals in the crate. Make the crate comfortable (bedding and a few possessions of hers) and let her sleep in the same room as you or another family member (because dogs are pack animals and need to sleep with their pack — your family). She WILL cry the first few nights, profusely. Don’t give in or she will never learn. I know it seems cruel but after awhile she will settle down — she will even learn to like the crate.

    If she sleeps in the crate at night, she shouldn’t pee or poop in it, because dogs will not poop where they sleep. If you got your dog from a pet store (BAAAAD choice), you are in trouble because dogs from pet stores are used to sleeping in their own waste.

    Your puppy has a small bladder and small bowels which she has little to no control over yet. You need to take her out AT LEAST every half hour, and after she eats or drinks, or if you see her sniffing around a lot, looking for a “place”.

    Bring her outside (hopefully you have a fenced backyard, if not, on the leash she goes), while saying, “Let’s go outside” or your command for it. (by teaching her the word for outside, you will later be able to ask her, “Do you have to go outside?” and she will go to the door. At least, that’s what mine does.)

    Set her down in the grass. Let her sniff around for awhile and when she does go, praise her HUGELY — WHILE she is going and immediately AFTER she goes! Tell her “Good Potty!” (teaching her that command too — eventually you will be able to tell her to GO potty so you won’t be waiting as long in the backyard for her to pee or poop) and give her lots of pets or a small edible treat.

    If you catch her AS she is going potty inside, scold her quickly with “Bad Potty!” and take her outside immediately. (Don’t hit or scream.) If she finishes her business outside, praise her as usual.

    If you find pee or poo inside AFTER she has done it, you can’t scold her anymore, the damage is done. She doesn’t remember doing it anymore. An accident that you find later was not her fault — it was yours for not keeping an eye on her. Until she is housetrained you can’t let her out of your sight.

    When she has an accident inside, you have to clean it really well with some vinegar or pet cleaning products you can find at pet stores. If you don’t remove all traces of odor, she will smell it and be tempted to go there again.

    She is just not used to the leash. How would you like having a rope suddenly strapped to your neck and be led everywhere with it? Let her wear it in the house — first without you holding it, then with you holding it without any pull or resistance from you, then you can gently start leading her places. Praise her and be gentle and gradual while you let her adjust to it.

    I hope all this helps, because it took a really long time to type, even at 50 WPM!


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