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How can you not drink enough to be tipsy, but drink enough to get sick?

I’m a young girl who never drank before college, and even then, I’ve only drank a couple times. Everytime I drink, I never seem to feel the effects, and yet I feel sick to my stomach every night before going to bed. Sometimes I actually throw up, other times I just lay awake for four hours nervous that I’ll throw up. But like I said, my actions don’t change, and I don’t feel the effects of the alcohol. Could I have some kind of immunity or intolerance? The stuff that I’ve had to drink is Mikes Hard, Bacardi Watermelon, or other girly drinks. I’ve thrown up on the Mikes and Bacardi, but then other nights I haven’t thrown up on it. I’m having difficulty trying to pinpoint the source of the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
(ps) I have never EVER driven while drinking. Nor would I ever. And additionally I have never not drank in a social responsible situation. I would never intend on drinking to get drunk, nor would I drink more than once socially on the weekends. A lot of my friends are 21 so if they’re having a drink with dinner, I’ll have a drink or with dinner. Please do not think that I am some dumb college kids who wants to abuse alcohol and then endanger others lives. That being said, thank you for the answers thus far.

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5 Responses to “How can you not drink enough to be tipsy, but drink enough to get sick?”

  1. Ashley H said :

    Be sure to eat a good, filling dinner before you drink and alternate drinking a glass of water after every drink. If you are getting really sick, it is possible you may have an allergy to alcohol too, so be careful!

  2. renee K said :

    First of all the drinks that you are drinking, have alot of acid, also related to fruity drinks as well. You should stay away from acidic,fruity drinks. As you may have a weak stomache,also alot of drinks have very low alcohol percentage and more carbohydrates,and mixed additives.
    Please be advised also the importance, that is, alcohol can be a potential for addiction now or in the future. be safe while you are having a couple of drinks socially,therefore it can become very dangerous in your life if the alcohol is abused. not let friends influence you, The best, and safest way to have a few drinks socially and safely is to accept GOD
    into your life, and as you are accepting him into your life to keep you safe, also give him some love and appreciation back as well to fulfill his heart as he will do for you

  3. Katherine W said :

    Some people lack the genes to process alcohol. This is very common in Asia, but also affects other people, too. Alcohol is a nervous system depressant. You’re not tolerating it, and that won’t change; you don’t have the ability to ever tolerate it. You can keep trying, but your results won’t change. In the meantime, it’s filled with sugar and empty calories. Maybe you should consider not drinking? After all, it doesn’t work on you. Oh, and even though you don’t feel drunk, it can still impair your driving and coordination, so don’t think you can drink and drive.

  4. Stephanie R said :

    Those girly drinks are so sugary that I always feel sick before getting a buzz. You are better off having a couple shot of vodka. They work quick, and you dont have like 32 oz of liquid floating around in your stomach. Stick with hard liquor, but watch how much you drink because its easy to drink too much. Ive stuck with that and havnt had a hangover or gotten sick in 3 years.

  5. kako said :

    Sounds like either a psychological reaction (maybe inside you really hate drinking alcohol or are scared of it) or you have an allergic reaction to alcohol.

    You can talk to your doctor about the latter. If the doc finds nothing wrong, then it could be psychological. Then talk to the doc about that possibility and see what he/she says.


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