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what kind of alcoholic drinks should a person have if they never drink alcohol before?

i would want a drink that does not have so much alcohol by volume! since I like certain fruits, i heard that some drinks that are flavored with fruit are good to start off.

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46 Responses to “what kind of alcoholic drinks should a person have if they never drink alcohol before?”

  1. greg said :

    start with coctails. you can barely taste the alcohol.

  2. Jadee said :


  3. CRocket said :

    Wine coolers. They’re weak and fruity.

  4. K~E~G said :


  5. Manda said :

    Wine Coolers.

    But if you’ve never drank alcohol why would you want to start? It’s not as glorious as everyone says or makes you think it is. : /

  6. Angelina N said :

    Wine coolers

  7. annette j said :

    i would start with a wine cooler. they have so lil alchohol they kinda taste like kool aid

  8. SomeGirl said :


  9. jeenyus6 said :

    wine coolers

  10. GinaD said :

    my first drink ever was a wine cooler when i was 15, i thought i was sooooooooooooooooooo cool

  11. SEXYCHICK2008 said :


  12. Mint said :

    try water love ^^ don’t drink its not worth it or find out your self but don’t say i ddi warn you :'(

  13. dichotomymom said :

    Wine coolers and schnapps have little alcohol and can have a nice refreshing fruity taste. Always take your time when just starting out (you don’t want your first experience to end up with a blackout and/or hangover!

  14. giggly33 said :

    Grey Goose and Cran!!

  15. Sophie said :


  16. Mel said :

    Recommend sprite with a twist of lemon. If you never start drinking you don’t have to worry about getting addicted and having to quit. Order a Shirley Temple.

  17. Meygan C said :

    Wine coolers. They don’t have that much alcohol in them. I would just start off with about 2 though. You never know how your body is going to react to the alcohol. That or just don’t drink at all because it is a terrible thing to get involved with.

  18. cocoa said :

    Try the hurricanne. If you like sweet stuff, Pina Colada.

  19. AlchikZ said :

    Don’t drink. Just enjoy a clean life!

  20. Michael _ FL said :

    drink til you puke!!! doesn’t matter what kind

  21. puppyeyes19 said :

    Smirnoff Ice! my favorite is the raspberry, they are really good

  22. ARMY WIFE said :

    Try wine coolers to start with. They have many different fruit flavors.

  23. swammy said :

    white russians!!!!!

  24. Eli said :

    Margaritas, they are yummy and you only need one if you dont drink much.

  25. Melissa said :

    It doesn’t really matter what you start off with. The fruit flavored drinks contain just as much alcohol as another drink. The fruit just covers up the taste of the alcohol. You could always ask the bartender to “go easy” on the alcohol or make it yourself at home so you know how much is really in the drink.

    Remember to drink responsibly.

  26. abby said :

    you’ll have to taste what you like – my first was mike’s hard – it doesnt taste like alcohol – but it does have more alcohol in it than beer. If you like Mikes’ then you’ll probably also like fruity vodka drinks like martinis (but don’t drink too many – hangovers after vodka are really bad…)

  27. Melissa.Speer said :

    My first drink was a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. But I love B&J’s. They are flavored like different things and you can’t taste the alcohol. 🙂 If you’re going to be drinking at a bar, I would order a Lemon Drop Martini. It’s good. So is a Watermelon Cosmo (Just a cosmo with watermelon vodka… It tastes like a jolly rancher.)

  28. littledeta said :

    Try the flavored drinks. There is Twisted Tea, which is very good and not alot of alcohol. Smirinoff Ice they have alot of flavors and are good too. I definately recommend Twisted Tea

  29. Jared said :

    My first drinks were made with vodka (relatively tasteless), Orange juice and Peach schnopps (sweet and peachy). If you put a shot and a half of vodka, and fill the rest of the coffee-cup sized glass up with equal parts of the other two, then you should be on your way to enjoying a tasty adult beverage.

  30. Sara H said :

    wine coolers are good – they wont get you all that drunk unless you drink like 50 of them though LOL i like the Bacardi rum and also – vodka is good if you have a lime and salt.

  31. loverboy said :

    you are better off not drinking

  32. maamu said :

    A banana smoothie.

    A self-created drink we came up with.

    find a bottle of 99 Bananas (most liquor stores carry it)
    a couple of ripe bananas
    A package of smoothie mix (usually in the fruit dept)
    Some ice
    some condensed milk

    Put it all in the blender and add the 99 Bananas just to taste (it is 100 proof so use it sparingly).

    The smoothies are just delicious!

  33. GM said :

    wine is always a good choice but if you are looking for stronger, try an apple martini or a chocolate martini if you like that. Also look to ask your bartender.

  34. smgray99 said :

    Ginger ale on the rocks – looks like a drink but isn’t. If you must have alcohol, try a sea breeze as it is a combination of grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and vodka – better yet have a virgin one, no vodka and it is good for you.

  35. patel said :

    take fruit beer

  36. lman said :

    Have a Long Island Iced Tea

  37. MEL said :

    That girl that said everclear- don’t do it. It will make you puke.

  38. WildKat said :

    Well, you’re goal is to not become an alcoholic. If you want to drink socially and responsibley, then start with wine coolers. Then, Kalua is a social drink that is not supposed to be for getting drunk. You drink a couple of shots and that’s pretty much it. It’s a mixture of straight Kalua, then 7UP. A couple of 3.2 beers, or one 6.0 beer is good. Keep in mind that it is very EASY to get drunk and out of control. Be with people you trust who aren’t going to let you drive drunk or “play a practical joke,” and leave you to your own devices. Using your OWN brain and not bending to peer pressure is the smart thing to do.

    Never drink to be cool. Never get drunk to impress your friends. And don’t listen to some of these nutcases on here that WANT you come up with a case of alcohol poisoning. I drank what my brother gave me the first time out…and it caused me to have siezures and popped both shoulders out of place. It wasn’t worth it.

  39. ♥lee said :

    Rose wine, if you’ve ever had schloer it tastes like that.

    Also alchopops are only low % so they might be ok for you.
    Smirnoff black ice tastes like sprite with a twist so you might like that.

    Oh yeah archers peach snapps. a shot of that with lemonade is gorgeous, tastes like peachy lemonade n thats it!

  40. Alison B said :

    Hi there. Try Peach Schnapps, or anything with pineapple, coconut is a good base for example Pina Colada it’s yummy, how about Rum fruit punch, tequila sunrise – OJ – Grenadine and Tequila, Banana or strawberry Daiquiri are wonderful too, Check out the cocktail menu and avoid having to many different types in one glass for your first time. Enjoy!

  41. Michael the Psycho said :

    Start with some sissy stuff like Smirnoff Ice. Drinking is only fun when everybody’s drunk. Don’t do it if it’s just you or if people you drink with refuse to get drunk… They’re such a drag.

  42. Zetsu said :

    well drinks that have low alcohol percentage are wine, beer and champagne.

    drinks that dont have an alcohol taste are margaritas and fruit cocktails.

  43. Amy M said :

    None….Why start now?

  44. Vicky19 said :

    almost anything with sprite, and if your mixing the drinks, you can put how ever much or little you want in it try a flavored vodka or rum

  45. Coquette Rouge said :

    Try wine coolers or flavored malt drinks like Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Bacardi Siver drinks/Smirnoff Ice beverages.
    There are several other mixed drinkd that are low on alcoholic content. Ask a bartender.
    I hope for your sake you are asking this because you plan on drinking for the first time because you are turning 21…

  46. allanihall said :

    Something mild like light beer or some light cocktail.


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