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How do dog obedience schools work?

Do you take for night classes? weekends? Do you leave them there for a couple weeks? Does the owner have to take them with the dog? How long do they last?

Can someone give me a basic overview how most obedience schools work?

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9 Responses to “How do dog obedience schools work?”

  1. Lynn said :

    For most schools, you will have to attend the class with your dog. Depending on where you go, they can have classes at anytime.

    I took my Pit Bull to obedience class. We went to a warehouse district, and the class was held inside a big warehouse. We stood in class with a bunch of other people and their dogs. The instructors go over the basics, how to guide them on a leash, what type of commands you should use, what type of discipline to use, etc. Our course lasted 6 weeks. We met on Saturday for two hours. Once your dog gets familiar with the routine, they do fun things like play games with your dog, you teach them tricks and at the end they have a graduation.

    Check the schools in your area. They are all different. If you don’t have time to go to school, then there are lots of people who will now come to your house to train your pets. It depends on what you have time for and money for. Obedience class can be expensive, but having a personal trainer come to your house is expensive too.

    One more thing, be careful where you go, not all the schools are that great. I tried Petsmart first, but once they found out my dog was a Pit Bull, they told me I couldn’t be included in the class. (FINE! I wouldn’t want to give my money to a place that’s prejudice against my dog anyway, so I stopped shopping there too! Petsmart sucks!)

  2. CRH said :

    They vary alot from school to school. Usually you can check with your local shelter and they most often times offer night classes for free or very cheap where the owner brings in the dog. Otherwise call cesar….you know how the dog whisperer does it.

  3. jmclaughlin07 said :

    i’ve seen the ones at petsmart. you take your dog in nights or weekends for a few weeks. my friend took his dog there and it worked pretty well! best wishes

  4. Lorraine H said :

    They do have classes nights and I believe weekends. The owners stay because the training is actually for the owners! It’s to teach the owners how to train their dogs.

    There are places where you can leave your dog, but I only know about the kind of class where the owner stays with the dog and the dog is taught to heel, come when called, stay, etc. But you teach the dog, not the person running the class. He just gives you techniques.

  5. quantumrift said :

    No. Since the dog is yours then *you* will be training the dog, via positive reinforcement (ie ‘treats’). Most last an hour or so once or twice a week (around here). No doubt there are ‘boarding’ schools for dogs, but why do that when you can be in integral part of your dog’s training.

  6. arkpudel said :

    It depends on the school, but with most schools, you take one class a week for a set amount of time ( 6 or 8 weeks)- the instructor teaches you how to teach your dog. The dog can’t really learn much in the class setting- so it’s something you have to do your homework on if your dog is going to learn. Usually, in the class setting, the dog is so overfaced, that they can’t concentrate, so you have to go home and practice what you’ve learned.

    Good luck!

  7. L_A_E said :

    It all depends on which one you go to. I went to the one at PetSmart and it was on the weekends for I believe 8 weeks (I cannot remember b/c that was 4 years ago). I would not recommend PetSmart for any behavioral issues or trying to teach your dog how to walk on a leash. They teach very BASIC dog obedience. Which ever one you choose, make sure it is one that YOU go to. Part of the process is training the owner as well. And, it is a great way to build a greater bond with your pup!

  8. Ryan M K H said :

    Most dog obedience school are lessens run by either local clubs or companies. They usually offer lessens which the owner will need to attend. What is the use of training a dog when the owners won’t know how to control or command it. Most dog problems are due to owners having little or no understanding about caring and training dogs. Therefore your attendance is as important as the dog’s.

    Lessens usually include how to enforce and award your dog. Your dog will learn things like sit, walk, heel, drop, stand and speak. This is so that your dog follows your command. Good dog owners also learn how to re-enforce the behaviour you are looking for and that way you can teach it any trick.

    Good dogs that has been taught for many years requires little training to learn new tricks. This is because the dog has learned how to learn.

    Most obedience school are divided into levels. Basic level take about 12 weeks at one lesson per week for 1 to 2 hours.. This will give you basic commands such as heel, drop and sit.

    Intermediate can take up to 6 months and teaches your dog how to retrieve, walk in the direct you command, heel off lead, bark on command, drop, sit and stand at a distance, stay for periods up to 5 minutes, search and indicate.

    Advanced level can run for 1 to 2 years depending on the structure of the club or school and usually the fees are just for the use of the facilities and owners do their own training with an advanced dog trainer watching perhaps a group of 10 people and only give advice when you put up your hands. At this level many owners also take their dogs to competitions.

    Agility is also another form of obedience training, this is where dogs waive through rods, go through tunnels, jump through hoops and climb A frames. Usually dogs only start agility once their have finish their basic obedience training. The level of agility is divided in classes of the agility course rather then level.

    Of coure you can always hire person dog training where they give you one on one training with you and the dogs. This usually cost anywhere between $45 to $550 per hour depending on the skills and experience of the trainer.

    Finally, there are also dog show training for pedigrees. These are usually one on one and trainers are usually previous show judges or those that has been in the show ring for a long time. Price ranges from $120 to anyway $700 over. They teach you what to wear, how the owners should walk, how to place your dog on the exam table and so on.

    Good luck

  9. Lem☼ny © said :

    I took my Aussie to an obedience school and she really did well. It was once a week, on a Saturday afternoon at a park. It lasted for two months (so it was 8 sessions). We we’re there threw the whole thing (which I recommend since your the one who’s got to live with her/ should build a relationship not the trainer).
    My dog graduated top of her class and we were really glad we did it!!


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