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When is it too late for a large breed dog to get Obedience Classes?

Does anyone know? I was also wondering if it would be too late for a large breed dog to be crate trained at about 1 year and a half years old.

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16 Responses to “When is it too late for a large breed dog to get Obedience Classes?”

  1. bassetnut said :

    Never too late.

    I started my Afghan Hound in obedience classes at 7 years old. He did great!

  2. Stacy said :

    Never! The oldest dog I think we’ve done was a nine year old GSD, and she performed beautifully. It is a complete myth that old dogs can’t learn new tricks!

  3. Sarah P said :

    its never too late to train a dog it just takes more time and effort on the owners part good luck!

  4. dinot2000 said :

    It’s never too late. That’s about all I can tell you. Dogs are capable of learning throughout their whole life.

  5. rjn529 said :

    It’s never too late for training.

    For the older dog, you have the advantage of not having the puppy adolescence to deal with. However, you do have a dog that can be more “set in their ways”, and will need a little more time to do things like you want, not what they want. This being said, he can be trained.

    Same goes for crate training. Never use the crate for punishment, and when you put him in the crate, give him a special treat and a favorite toy or bone. May the crate a “comfort zone” for the dog, a place he can go that no one will bother him and a place he can get away from everyone and everything when he wants to. When he’s not locked in the crate, leave the door open so he can go in and out freely.

    It may take a little longer than a puppy, but there is always a way to train any dog, regardless of age.

  6. Elmer M said :

    have you ever herd of the expression “A dog is never to old to learn new tricks”.

  7. snowy said :

    It’s never too late to do either of these things.

  8. ginbark said :

    Dogs can be trained at any age, I’ve had 12 yr old fosters who learned the routine in 24 hours including doors to go out etc. The oldest dog I took to class was 8 yrs old but many retired Ch. show dogs start a new obed career at 8-10 yrs old. Any dog that comes here gets crate trained until proven houseworthy. Dogs like people learn their entire life.

  9. Giselle B said :

    Never is too late to learn 😉

  10. Sam M said :

    its never to late ha ha

  11. ξ Bindi § said :

    Its never to late. 🙂

  12. Becca said :

    Crate training a large dog at one and a half is going to be tough. He is used to his freedom and not being couped up. He will probably whine a lot for he will be sad. You can give it a try. I usually try to obedience train btw. 6 mos. to 1 year. They get so strong and the training gets a bit tougher. Good Luck!!!

  13. Yo LO! © said :

    Never too late for either of them. Older dogs learn faster than puppies because their attention span is longer and their aim to please their master has kicked in.

  14. Mary P said :

    Any dog any age can be trained and crate training is no exception. You may find it easier if you cover the crate with a towel or blanket as it will be more like a den. Feed the dog in the crate and give him some favourite toys and treats in the crate. Don’t close the door at first, so the dog can come and go as he pleases, then close the door for a short time and gradually lengthen the time. It might help to have a really favourite chew or treat or toy that the dog doesn’t get at any other time, only when he goes into the crate. Never use it as a punishment and he might like to go into his den. It is also ok to take a dog of over 18 months to training classes. Go to a class without your dog first and make sure you like the way they train. Good luck.

  15. Leigh said :

    It’s never too late to train a dog. The reason this myth perpetuates, I think, is because the owners find it difficult to change their methods of training (or habits of NOT training). Dogs adapt quickly, and learn fast…it’s all about you, the owner, being committed and willing to make mistakes and still keep working at it. I assume the crate training is for housebreaking? I have one dog that was housetrained in 5 days, and another that took 6 months to housetrain…but, generally, the more consistent and vigilant YOU are, the faster the dog will train. Good luck, I hope it works out!

  16. siegeanderson said :

    Along with the others I agree that it is never too late and it is a really good thing to crate train a dog incse they are ill or in an emergency you might need to use one, THAT is not a good time for them to learn.

    Now really if I could reccomend that you go to: , they have several great educational materials which you can buy on how, inclduing crate games!


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