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dog obedience classes? do they work? what do they teach? what do they correct?

my dog needs one i just don’t know what most have/teach

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9 Responses to “dog obedience classes? do they work? what do they teach? what do they correct?”

  1. Luke D said :

    ummm yes but after the class is over make sure you stay strict on repremanding that dog and when he obeys rub behind the ears

  2. G said :

    Obedience training is immediately effective if you learn the techniques imparted to you by the trainer(s). As time goes by, if you get sloppy and do not stay consistent with your part of things, the dogs gradually go back to their old ways. Whether or not obedience training works depends more on the owner than on the dog.

  3. ♥kari♥ said :

    YES! They teach obideence, stababily, and things you wikll not have t. you might have to take your pet to more than one thoguh..

  4. t H u n d u rr x x t h i g h s said :

    Hmm, I think that they only help with puppies. Friends of mine can’t train their dogs anymore, I sent Bones to a puppy school and he knows basic commands. It took him 2 months just to learn roll-over.

    Good luck, try googling ‘Dog training’.

  5. thoven1190 said :

    If you don’t know what obedience classes offer, how can you be sure your dog is in need of attending one?

    I took my boy to one, and the class was ok, although the instructor didn’t know jacksh*t. They usually have different levels of obedience classes, ranging from basic/beginner, to advanced.

    The basic classes focus mainly on the basic obedience commands – sit, down, stay, etc. The advanced classes teach things like heeling with distractions, recall from a distance, etc.

    Do some research on the provider of the class before signing up for one.

  6. ep h said :

    yes they work if you work on lessons. it depends on class on what they teach. same with correcting, they will answer any questions you have. start with basic/puppy class and go from there.

  7. ragapple said :

    The #1 most important thing they teach is that they teach YOU how to communicate with your dog. And your dog that you are worth communicating with..
    After these basic things are understood the rest is gravy.

  8. Lily said :

    From my experience, they’re very good.

    They help you teach your dog how to…

    Lay down
    Walk properly on a lead
    Reward for good behavior

    You will need to be taught just as much as the dog. Learning how to lead the dog instead of it lead you… Holding the leash right. You may be taught good behaviour for the dog when playing fetch

    Eg: Don’t play tug-o-war with the dog.

    Then again, you could always look online and get all the info there and teach yourself. Remember you can’t just pay someone else to do all the work, You have to teach your dog or it will have trouble taking orders from you.

  9. gimpybaker said :

    Yes, dog obedience classes teach a lot and how well they work depends on how much you use what you have learned. These classes are designed to teach you how to train your dog. They teach you the hows and whys of being the ‘leader’. Once you know how to communicate to your dog that you are the leader, all other training comes more easily. They don’t correct your dog so much as they will correct you. Someone else training your dog to do or not to do something is of no use if you cannot get your dog to do or not do it at home. Using the techniques learned in class, you can continue and expand upon that on your own. In a basic beginner obedience class you will learn how to put your dog in a settle (where they will lie down in a submissive manner, not trying to fight it), sit , stay, walking on a leash and recalls (your dog coming to you when called). Some classes may even touch on agility exercises (stairs or tunnels). Once you and your dog have gone through a beginner class, you can expand upon that on your own or you can move on to a more advanced class. This is all done is an effective, humane and nonthreatening way. Your dog should respect your authority, not fear your wrath. Dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE class, they get your undivided attention (which what dogs want more than anything), they get a few treats and lots and lots of praise. Obedience classes can also play a major role in socializing your dog in a safe and controlled setting. Classes are well worth the time, money and effort! It is also a lot cheaper and easier on you and your dog then needing a private trainer after your dog is completely out of control. Good luck and enjoy class!


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