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Is it worth it to learn guitar?

I like guitar hero and was looking into learning the actual guitar (I know that they are completely different; I also have a friend who is amazing who could help me). Is it worth the time and effort? What kind of guitar should I get?

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10 Responses to “Is it worth it to learn guitar?”

  1. Andi said:

    yes learning any instrument is worthit cuz you can do it your whole life and make a living out of it and its alot of fun.

    i suggest, just cuz your use to holding a guitar hero guitar, a lightweight electric guitar. probably a fender strat or telecaster. i suggest those to begniners any ways cuz acoustics are so big and the strings are much thicker, so in my opinion they are harder to play than electric guitars.

  2. Brian J said:


    It could make you famous one day, or just be a nice hobby that you will have with you for the rest of your life.

  3. Chihiro00 said:

    whether or not it’s worth it depends on how much you want to be able to play guitar. If your really into it and that’s what you want to do then of course it is worth the time and effort.

  4. Christine said:

    Definitely worth it!!

    First borrow one if you can, so you can decide if it’s for you. It does take a LOT of time and practice. And callouses and pain until your fingers adjust. But if it’s something you love, go for it.

    I recommend an acoustic, because the sound is clearer. However, if you just want to rock out, get electric. Acoustic is good for practicing because it doesn’t always need an amp (if you have neighbors, sleeping kids, etc etc). My personal preference is acoustic, but based on your interest in Guitar Hero, probably electric for you? Have fun and goodluck!

  5. dean m said:

    I remember when I got my first guitar. I was 12. I didn’t take lessons and it ended up getting the neck stepped on and broken. But I was hooked. My next axe wasn’t till I was 16 and started learning as many riffs as I could. Still no lessons. I could read music so I learned the chords from sheet music. My friends would always say “Oh no, here comes ‘Stairway to Heaven’ again”. Heh. But they never left. I was the boom box many times. Now I have three guitars. Play at the bars sometimes.

    So…yes. It is worth the effort. I would get the type your friend has…electric or acoustic. Brand isn’t too much important, but the quality of guitar will decide how well you learn. Don’t go cheap. You could spend $200 for a quality learning guitar…then decide what to spend the big bucks for.

    Good luck.

  6. chessmaster1018 said:

    I think so, I’ve been playing for over thirty five years and loved every minute of it……and most of my students after they get through the first year are very glad that they stuck it out. In the beginning everything that you learn is hard, but with time it gets easier…..getting the callouses on your finger tips are very painful at first but after a while you won’t even notice pain, that goes away after about six months…..that’s if you play at least an hour every day….your hands and finger muscles also have to adapt, keep your fingers perpendicular to the fingerboard and your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck of the guitar…..this way later on you won’t have to correct bad habits…..Good luck to you !!!!!!!! Remember all good things take time, this isn’t something that you learn in a few months, so give it time. Of course being a guitar teacher I do recommend a teacher, if you can’t afford that at least find a good tutor on the Internet !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. kaisergirl said:

    It is ALWAYS worth it to learn to play an instrument!!!!!!

  8. Trasher said:

    it’s definitely worth it, and as for what guitar to buy, you’ll find yourself tempted to buy a starter pack with an amp guitar picks and all that…I don’t suggest it because depending on how much progress you make, you will want to upgrade soon and its just not worth having in the first place. If price is a problem i suggest a used gibson les paul, used strat, or an epiphone les paul. If it isn’t you can get a gibson sg, or a new fender strat, or a new les paul. I’m only naming my preferences so check out some other good brands like dean, or even ibanez.

  9. Renae P said:

    depends if your dedicated, and you need to practice!

    i practice everyday for hours,

    but guitar is somthing you nee dto be dedicated to,

    im VERY dedicated to guitar, and ive only been playing for a small time, but people think ive been playing for years,

    its really a commitments thing, and dont just play to be better than the next person, or so you will be ‘cool’

    but if you are dedicated, then go for your life, do it

  10. slash said:

    It is certainly worth learning. I love guitar. Its very good that you have a friend that can teach you, and because of this you should definitely take up guitar. I would get an epiphone sg or an epiphone les paul to start out with. those are very good electric guitars for beginners. Get a smaller marshall or crate amp. Those are my favorites. There is alot of time and effort involved, but it will be worth it for sure


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