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How do you cook a venus flytrap?

Or should I leave it raw and make it a salad?
I had it at a restaraunt. It tasted like seafood.
Frogs catch flies and people eat frog legs. Chickens eat bugs and people eat chicken.

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5 Responses to “How do you cook a venus flytrap?”

  1. Abbigoose said :

    i never knew people ate these…

  2. mike said :

    prob the same way you cook a vegetable like brocolli.

    I didnt know you can eat a fly trap. wouldnt ya be tasting the flies and stuff?

  3. Mountian_Baby said :

    You don’t eat veus fly trap. I think you are mistaken.

  4. Patrick O said :

    Same way you cook Martian Squirrel eggs.

    If it tasted like seafood, then just eat seafood. lol

  5. ? said :

    its a plant that catches flies, why would you want to eat it YUK


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