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How do you cook with a gas oven?

I’ve heard many times that chefs prefer gas over electric stoves. Why?
Our place came with a gas stove when we bought it and cooking on the stove is okay, but I can’t get anything to come out right in the oven! It never browns on top until its cooked to death and dried out. What am I doing wrong?
And another thing…
How do you know when its preheated? Is it even necessary with gas?

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4 Responses to “How do you cook with a gas oven?”

  1. Your Friendly Jewish Accountant said :

    Electric ovens and burners do not cook evenly and are terrible to cook with. Yes, gas needs to be preheated too, but not as much as electric.

  2. Dave C said :

    preheating is necessary for gas… it may be quicker, but is necessary. I’d allow 15 minutes to preheat… or when the oven burner goes off.

    Gas is more responsive and hotter than electric.
    Electric elements stay hot while gas changes depending upon the flame.

    Also, gas allows you to lift the pan off the burner and you’ll still receive heat.

    What are you making that never browns on top?
    The way I see it… heat is heat, especially in the oven.
    Your problems may be the oven itself (thermostat set properly?, leaks and drafts?) , not the gas burner.

  3. chef steph said :

    If you need something to brown on top, you may need to switch from bake to broil for the last 2 or 3 minutes. Careful – it’ll burn quickly.

    You still have to preheat a gas oven. If your oven doesn’t show the temperature or signal you in some way (like a beep sound) that it is preheat, get one of those oven thermometers to hang on an oven shelf.

    If things aren’t turning out properly, the oven thermometer is probably your best bet – it may not be heating to the proper temperature and needs to be calibrated.

    Good luck!

  4. The Squirrel said :

    You still have to pre heat the oven but, it sounds like you also need the gas company to come out and mike your oven. You could possibly not be getting a good seal on your oven and need to adjust your temperature either up or down 25 degrees for satisfaction.


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