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how long will it take for me to learn guitar-read discription?

If I practice the guitar for 2-3 hours a day 7 days a week, how long will it be probaly until I can play songs and be good probaly? What do you guys think?

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6 Responses to “how long will it take for me to learn guitar-read discription?”

  1. asdd a said:

    at least 100 hours

  2. Masterblaster said:

    You will be able to play a song within a few days. All you need to do is learn a few chords.

    To be “good,” it will take you a lifetime. Make sure you get a good teacher.

  3. crizt said:

    really good people take maybe a year or so to be pretty awsome at that rate

    just learn the chords, how they work together, second positions, and a couple intro’s and riffs. i’d start with like american pie by john mclaine. that’s a simple one that you can pick up if you get the chords down. take a week or two maybe and you’ll know some songs

  4. Caitlyn said:

    i’m not sure. i just got a guitar for christmas and i’m about to start learning too. all my brothers play guitar so hopefully they’ll be able to help me along… but it doesnt seem like learning to play guitar is something you can estimate, ya know? i think you just need to work with it and not expect to be good by any certain time. just work hard at it! good luck =]

  5. cool breeze said:

    it depends, it’s unlikely you will stick to that schedual. it depends on your ability and if you have played any other instruments, if you have a teacher, what you try to do etc etc. it’s different for everybody. it’s also means what do you mean by ‘good’ you should be able to play some kind of songs pretty quickly or else what are you practicing. i guess you can do scales and just hit the notes to get used to it but that won’t take 3 hours. if someone shows you what to do you can play a simple song quickly. there are even simple tabs. no one ever starts playing guitar with when the saints go marching in or yankee doodle, like is the 1st page in every other instruments song book. no… instead guitarists want to start playing jimi hendrix and a lot of guitarists never learn how to properly play guitar because of it. whatever sorry to rant. get a song book! learn to read music, play when the saints go marching in and learn the dang notes on your instrument, you’ll be far ahead of these people tab reading hordes of guitarists out there.

  6. MelodySong said:

    That totally depends on you, and how you learn. If you already play another instrument, you’ll probably be able to learn the guitar more quickly.

    Even when you’re just starting, learning music can be really fun, and satisfying. (Even when it’s frusterating, lol!) And the more you learn, the more things you can do. Just enjoy the ride, and don’t give up! You’ll get it!

    There may not be one specific morning where you wake up, and realize you are a great guitar player. It’s more of a day by day process of continually learning, and improving. Even the best can get better. No matter what level you’re at, just keep practicing, keep learning, and enjoy the new skills you acquire.

    (When I started piano, I could play simple songs within a few lessons, but it took a long time before I really felt like a pianist. I’ve been playing for years now, and though I’ve learned a lot, there are still so many more things I want to learn and improve on. I’m glad I decided to learn music though . . . it has brought me so much happiness, and it’s a skill I can enjoy for the rest of my life.)


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