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How long does it take to learn to play guitar solos?

I don’t mean to play Eruption or something crazy like that but just to play an average solo. I take lessons. And dont say it depends, I know that but how long did it take you, is it like a year or 5 years?

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14 Responses to “How long does it take to learn to play guitar solos?”

  1. crempel2007 said :

    It took me about a year to get to a point where I could actually make it sound pretty much like what it was supposed to… I didn’t take lessons though. I still am not that great by the way 😛

  2. Fedor400 said :

    you can learn it within the first week of playing.
    it just depends how much time you put in it and also
    it depends whether you are playing it right.

  3. Bullet said :

    takes me about 10 minutes to learn a solo. I play by ear.

    for those who can’t play by ear, I good guitar tab can take you anywhere from an hour to a week. never 5 years. unless you REALLY suck.

  4. SpaghettiMonster said :

    Well it really does depend. I mean how much you practice and whatever. Some people can do it within six months. On average I would say a year. I don’t know anything about music theory or anything and within a year I can play solos that sound pretty decent.

  5. xo.robpattinson said :

    depends how well you want to play ..

  6. Don T said :

    You have to understand the guitar before you make solos. I suggest asking your teacher about soloing in the Pentatonic scale. It an easy scale and after playing it some you will understand it and be able to do average solos and be happy! =D

  7. pixidoas243w said :

    its all on you and what your trying to lern, i can do some stuff easy and fast and other things i will nevr get. and its not just simple stuff, its all on what you know and are good at lerning.

  8. Denis D said :

    when i first played my solo i was about 6 months into my training but my instructor was awesome

  9. Jerome T said :

    Really depends on you. If you feel the song you are playing, you can make a solo easily.

    I have only been playing for 4 and a half months, and i am probably as good as my classmates who have been playing a year or two (my friends say).

    In our band rehearsal for my first gig, i did good solos. but in the gig itself, my solo was not too good. Nerves? maybe. stay calm. you are having lessons anyway.

  10. -Mike- said :

    Well all a guitar solo is is a modified scale for guitar set to the key you are playing in. it can be an Octave higher or Octave lower depending on your song. Then also it can be in different pitches.

    A guitar solo can be complex like eruption or be simple like the solo in Nirvana’s song about a girl.

    If you really want to work on solos then work on the scales, and modes and different picking styles you can do them in.

    Eruption is more shredding and pick sweeps so it can make even the most best guitarist seem confused how to pull it off.

    Here are the books I use when I learned soloing, and actually need ideas for solos.

    These books I would say are a must buy for every guitarist from starting to professionals wanting to improve a song or remix their own songs on guitar.

    These books were actually suggested to me by John Petrucci of Dream Theater.

  11. Richeasley said :

    Learn Scales! You can memorize the pentatonic scale in a few days, then move on to the blues scale, it’s almost the same scale. Then you can solo and not just regurgitate bits and pieces of other peoples work. Those scales can be moved around to every key VERY easily.
    Trust me.

  12. a4548850 said :

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