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How long will it take to learn Guitar if I practiced an hour a day?

Also, in what order should I learn the guitar? Note, chords, beats, rhythm, tabs, etc? I’m learning from scratch by-the-way. Thanks!

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8 Responses to “How long will it take to learn Guitar if I practiced an hour a day?”

  1. Answer King said :

    It depends on how well you pick things up. There is no definite answer, friend. Do it in whatever order works for you.

  2. Jyreka N said :

    it will take more than just a half an hour to play it! of course you gotta grow and ear for the notes and the sound…

  3. Glori said :

    The most important in a learning process is the passion you put on it. If you want to learn to play guitar and you put all your effort, you will learn the basics very fast. After u learn all the basics, continue practicing every day and you will see how surprised u will be of your progress. All depend of the love u have for guitar playing. If you love to play it, you will learn so fast!! Keep practicing!!!Never give up!!! (sorry for my bad english!!! )

  4. Me Hongry said :

    if you learn the basic chords first and find some songs where you can train your left hand to change between them, and do that over and over an hour a day, I’d say like four weeks or so to get where you can play some simple songs cleanly. In my own opinion, I think it takes about five years to get to 95% of your potential, but it all depends on your goals. Check out .

  5. ra said :

    If you are thinking of playing folk or country music it’s probably easiest to start by learning chords and strumming. Also take this approach if you’re not sure what you want to do on guitar. You can play a really easy song reasonably well in a week and can be playing effectively in less than a year.

    Some good chords to start with are G, C, D, Am, Em, Am7, D7.

    After you can play 5-10 chords, you can start practicing scales.

    About 6 months in, it’s time to really focus on getting a steady beat and then playing more interesting rhythms. Playing a steady beat is much harder than it seems so don’t start with that (unless you’re a drummer or something).

    If you are inspired to learn guitar because of guitar players you’ve seen, it’s a good idea to watch what they do (hopefully you can get some video of them) and try to do the same things yourself. This is more fun than learning from a book, although you can do that too.

    Oh, and I almost forgot: If you want to play guitar well you have to have a strong grip in both hands. Get a foam grip exerciser (made especially for guitarists, under $5) and squeeze it for about 5 minutes a day. This makes more of a difference than the 1 hour of practicing you do.

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