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How many energy drinks will i need to drink in order to pull an all nighter?

I weigh 180 pounds and i’m male.

The name of the energy drink would be good and how many i should drink would be good also =) thanks guys.

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5 Responses to “How many energy drinks will i need to drink in order to pull an all nighter?”

  1. Sara L said :

    like 6!

  2. Jeff said :

    careful, it will probably take more to pull an all nighter than it will to give you a heart attack. take one five hour energy shots and you should be good and not feel like hell. I know i often rotate from dayshift to nights.

  3. Lucky Charmz said :

    if you drink 5 hr energy only 5

  4. Jacklyn said :

    red bull about 2 will do.over drinking can cause harm to your health careful heed my advice!

  5. r2k_in_the_vortex said :

    none whatsoever. what do you want to stay up all night for study ? party?
    first, just drink coffee or nothing at all, after 3 o clock or so tiredness kind of goes over and you can continue studying
    for partying, amphetamine guarantees that you wont sleep that night. if you are not into drugs you are more likely to drink yourself under the counter than to sleep from simply being tired


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