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How many times have you given up smoking in the last twelve months?

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13 Responses to “How many times have you given up smoking in the last twelve months?”

  1. ℓσιѕ gя郃ιη ιѕ ιη gєямαηу™ said :

    I never smoked to begin with.

  2. Sean said :

    Once. But I’ll admit, I slipped up a few times when trying to quit.

  3. Live Fast said :

    Like six times

  4. I saw that! said :
  5. Pocket Protecktor said :

    I don’t smoke in the shower…

    And most of the time, not while I sleep.

  6. Party Marty Graw said :

    I have the same problem only in reverse. I have tried to take up smoking. My doctor said that I am low in tar and nicotine.

  7. JOHN B said :

    I have gone without a smoke for over 20 years! But, if i had one now i would be back on them, love ciggies. When you are a smoker always a smoker.

  8. ausblue said :

    NOPE…4 years ago woohooo

  9. el domingo got suspended for no said :

    None I think.

  10. Jelloise said :

    Can’t give up what you don’t have and prefer not to spend on, which is actually another good reason; the price of one pack is enormous and headed even higher, I’ll bet, once they remember the economy and how they pay for things.
    Remember, part of quitting is quitting what’s associated with that; all the things that remind you to light up-stuffed animals, caulilower, deviled eggs, soup spoons, Matchbox cars, Sheila, House,…

  11. Aussie Sheila. said :

    At least a dozen times luv and then I’ll find cigarette packets in the kids lunchboxes and BAM. I’m puffing away again.

  12. bukhneravf said :
  13. danilina.olgaj said :


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