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How much beer should I drink to get drunk and not go over the top?

I’m around 5’3 and weigh about 100. I know that it depends on a person’s metabolism as to how much to drink to get drunk, but can anyone give me an estimation? I want to get drunk but not be too hungover to the point of throwing up.

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7 Responses to “How much beer should I drink to get drunk and not go over the top?”

  1. angrypete3 said :

    I think 6-8 beers would get you nicely toasted

  2. Boaz B said :

    If you don’t drink often, probably 2 pints.

  3. J said :

    three in one hour then stop. well i guess if you really want to be drunk maybe 4. i hope you are legal age. and have a designated driver because that will put you at the limit for a dui.

  4. cheribaby1454 said :

    probably 3-4 beers will give you a nice buzz. If you get DRUNK like you want to do, there’s a good chance you will feel sick and be hungover no matter what. I recommend drinking slowly and just get a good buzz to the point where you feel good. Once you get drunk, there’s a good chance you won’t stop drinking because you will just keep drinking because it will feel lke it’s not effecting you, but it’ll all hit you at once and you will get sick! Plus it is more fun being sober or buzzed and watching the drunks!

  5. william e said :

    J has a good scientific answer but have some wine or something like that you don’t guzzle wine and still alcohol is in it for good tasting drinks you don’t puke unless you are guzzling Or drinking heavily while eating.

  6. Michelle S said :

    It depends on how long you plan on drinking. If you’re going to be drinking for a 3hr period-then probably 6 to 8 should work. If you’re planning on being out all night-plan on just a few more. I always try to keep tabs on the time. If you don’t drink that much, I would say 1 to 1 1/2 per hour should do the trick. Stay safe and please don’t drive. Most importantly-have fun!!

  7. Hamdy said :

    For an experiment, I acullaty went for ~4 months avoiding green tea and teas with a green tea base after reading it here initially. After a migraine arrived (complete with aura), I switched and drank more green tea deliberately and no new migraines surfaced.However, I admit that there are very few of my migraines that can’t be attributed to significant weather changes or stress, so I don’t believe the green tea factor (at least for myself anyway). Additionally, I don’t really drink plain green tea that often, so that may be a consideration as well.Mind you given the choice, I’d take the white over the green anyway :p


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