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If a recipe calls for cumin seeds, does it matter if i use ground cumin instead?

i dont want to buy the seeds when i already have a jar of ground, cos its just for one recipe
@ twiggy – its an indian dish called Rajmak Lababdar. Its mainly kidney beans and tomatoes and uses loads of spices.

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8 Responses to “If a recipe calls for cumin seeds, does it matter if i use ground cumin instead?”

  1. Sioux said :

    You can, but ground seeds will have a stronger flavour

  2. Scc said :

    No you can use ground cumin it will work just as well maybe even better. Because eating recipes with seed sometimes when you eat a seed it is to overpowering flavor wise.

  3. Danyelle said :

    Yeah unless it is like a bread or a cracker that you need the texture for its fine. I made spritz cookies with regular sugar than powdered and they turned out great!

  4. epic_laydown said :

    don’t use a lot. add a little at a time until it tastes to your liking. If you add too much cumin, it will overpower all other flavors.

  5. Pamela M said :

    use your own commen sense

  6. Twiggy said :

    Not sure..can you tell me the recipe your making please?

  7. SD said :

    No it doesnt matter at all, its still the same taste

  8. paccan said :

    Yes of course u can use cumin powder in Rajmah (red Kidney beans). It makes no difference. but do not put the amount as it describe in recipe for whole cumin. Sioux already mentioned above that it has strong flavour.
    1teaspoon of cumin seeds = 3/4 teaspoon (three quarters tsp of cumin powder).
    Add cumin powder when u add other spices because it can burn if u add it with onions in hot oil.


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