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What are some good sites to learn guitar for free?

I had just decided to try and learn guitar, been wanting to for years but just now got the motivation.

I really dont have the time to go to guitar lessons with work and all, so was gonna try to learn from home maybe with a little help from the internet..

So anyone know some good informative sites to learn the basics?


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7 Responses to “What are some good sites to learn guitar for free?”

  1. Dr. Hot, Goofball, Bad @ss Prez said :
  2. missdanabanana said :

    Here’s a good thing to do, considering I don’t know anyone online guitar lessons.

    Either use YouTube to search for lessons.
    Learn each chords. See when reading the chords and where to place your fingers? The top string of your guitar is always the bottom one on the picture. As if you were turning it around to the angle of the guitar.

    Once you know these basics, you can search around on Google for tabs/chords and learn covers. It is actually amazingly easy once you know the chords.

    Try Wonderwall by Oasis, it’s quite easy to learn.

  3. BUSTER BENDEM said :
  4. Janet A said :
  5. darkk713 said :

    If you’re more of a visual learner, I am definitely going to have to recommend Youtube for tutorials. Just be careful what you learn from on there. There are plenty of beginners who try to teach guitar on that site. Check out the ratings and the comments first to make sure the teacher is a good player in the first place.

    If you can learn by reading text, is a great place to start. I have been through many different guitar lesson sites, and cyberfret is by far one of the best free sites out there. They have complete beginner lessons teaching you how to hold your guitar, hold a pick, play basic chords, etc. The lessons then focus on more difficult techniques such as tapping, pinch harmonics, etc. You could definitely use the site for a long time and learn so much from it.

    There is one other free guitar lesson site that I love.

    Although the teacher of that site starts from the very beginning (holding a pick, how to strum etc), the material on the site can be very advanced. I am hesitant to suggest this site to a beginner, but if you think you can go the extra mile to master guitar basics, this is THE site. This site has got to be the best, most in depth guitar lesson site that I’ve seen. It will teach you how to *properly* position your fingering hand as well as your picking hand, and will cover every aspect possible about the basics of guitar-playing. Think of it as Spartan-training for guitarists.

    I’d recommend you check out the latter site, and if it seems a bit difficult, you can move back to the cyberfret site. Once you have some of the basics down, you can always view the zentao site again, so no worries.

    Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun with it

  6. Only the Beginning said :

    Go to a You tube and “Guitar lessons” there are gobs
    I’m on a dial up now so I can’t post any

  7. Code Shred said :

    There is a really good site like no other that has all the essential techniques covered in these video guitar lessons. Best part, it’s free!


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