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I am trying to learn to play guitar?

I bought a guitar when i was 9. I tried to learn but i couldnt. Its been been 5 years. I’d like to learn how to play 🙂 I can read music and i know how to tune my guitar. I do not have a tutor or teacher. I am trying to learn on my own. So if anyone has any tips and tricks for me, we’d be best friends :]

Thanks in advance,

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6 Responses to “I am trying to learn to play guitar?”

  1. a said :

    Check out a website called Free online lessons from beginner to advanced, he requests that you donate if you are able and that is all. Guy is pretty quirky, keeps it interesting.

  2. Jason said :

    Go to ‘’ or if that doesn’t work for some reason google ‘stone dragon’. A lot of good information on there for beginners.

    Also youtube has a lot of lessons. Next best thing to a tutor!

    Remember, learning to play any instrument is hard work. The only good advice is to practice, practice, practice!!

  3. gtarczar said :

    Over 90% of all people who try to “teach themselves” end up quitting after a very short time due to frustration and lack of direction. A good teacher can show you the proper way to play so you do not develop bad habits that will need to be unlearned later, This is a very common problem with “self taught” guitarists. There are many benefits to taking lessons beyond just learning to play. Studies have proven that children who take organized music lessons do fundamentally better in reading, language, and math skills. They also have better spatial coordination and problem solving abilities. Another big benefit is that it actually will raise your I.Q.! Why would you want to deny yourself these positive aspects of taking lessons? Another huge factor is that you will learn much faster than on your own. You can learn more in one month of lessons than you can in a YEAR of trying to teach yourself!

    That being said, the first thing to work on is the basic chords: A C D E F G (these are major chords)
    Then learn the minor and 7th variations of these. Start by taking 2 chords like A and E and simply try to strum each one about 8 times and then move to the next one without stopping. Do this for a couple of days then add another chord or two into the mix. Keep doing this until you can play the chords fairly well. Buy some basic songbooks and learn some simple songs. A good teacher can guide you through this process much better than a website or a DVD can.

  4. Jack said :

    Get a book called Hal Lenards Fast track guitar 1. It’s where i learn’d from. How about learning tabs other than music notation. Tabs is So much easier and is used by the most famous guitarists to date.

  5. aj said :

    Learn some basic chords like C G D and this down-up down- up- down, strum.

  6. hexv said :

    PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing.

    It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There’s also lessons on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to play.


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