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In America is a biscuit different to a cookie?

Here in Australia, most people use the term biscuit in the same sense as cookie, but someone from America told me they eat biscuits with gravy for breakfast. Cookies and gravy sounds weird, even for Americans, so I’m guessing biscuits and cookies are different things. Please explain.

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22 Responses to “In America is a biscuit different to a cookie?”

  1. BigSexyMami said :

    In america a bisquit is like a dinner roll but more flakey

  2. shiraz_princess said :
  3. jlpel2 said :

    A cookie is sweet. Here in the US a biscuit is made of flour, shortening, and milk kneaded together and baked. Great with butter and jam on it!

  4. me said :

    here a biscuit is different from a cookie.

  5. funkymonkey said :

    Cookies are sweet and delicious. Biscuits are salty, flaky and made out of bread and are served as appetizers with meals. Cookies can be eaten as a snack time delight.

  6. sunshine_today said :

    a biscuit in the USA is more like a dinner roll but not as fluffy as a dinner roll, more the consistency of a scone.

  7. awommack said :

    biscuilt jelley

  8. Robert B said :

    Biscuits in America are made from Milk or Buttermilk, and Flour(usually self-rising flour). They are not sweet, and they are more of a bread than a cookie. They are served typically with breakfast, and eaten with eggs, and sausage gravy.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Golden said :

    yep. biscuit sorta like an unsweetened scone, but fluffy. cookies are………well Oreo’s. sweet and not usually fluffy.

    what the heck is so wrong with gravy on cookies?

    of course i’m joking. sure do like good biscuits with good sausage gravy.

  10. MamaSunshine said :

    An american biscut is a savory bread not made with yeast, usually dry in texture . A cookie is a sweet, made with a lot (at least 1 cup or 8oz) of sugar or sweetener like honey or applesauce.

  11. Wander Woman said :

    Biscuits here are sort of like hot rolls or scones. Actually, scones minus the currants or raisens…..that’s a better example. Yeah, cookies are of the oreo and chocolate chip variety, while biscuits are breakfast breads. 😉 If that blows your mind, you should come to the South and have some Chocolate Gravy with your biscuits! 🙂

  12. ask_away said :

    Yes, they are two very different things. Biscuits are fluffy bread we eat with gravy, or butter, or honey, and usually accompany things like fried chicken. Cookies are sugary flat baked items – such as chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, etc. I am not sure, but I think the biscuits you’re referring to are what we call “biscotti” – the kind you dip in coffee.

  13. steelmadison said :

    yes,,,, biscuits are not the same as cookies….

    you have never heard of sausage biscuits and gravy, i take it…..???
    biscuits are flaky rolls,,,there are different types,,, breakfast biscuits, dinner biscuits, buttermilk biscuits, etc……

    a cookie is completely different…. as you know.

  14. s h said :

    yes….absolutely. Biscuits are heavy, , buttery, doughy and a bit of a crumbly food. they are RICH AND DELICIOUS! I do not eat them, however. We have restaurants that serve biscuits and gravy (sausage gravy, that is) and this is an extremely rich, calorie-laden item. One of those things that has contributed to the weight problems we have here.

  15. Sugar PIe said :


    In USA, a biscuit is a short, savory bread, usually eaten for breakfast in the Southern states. It usually contains, flour, baking powder, salt, butter or shortening (Crisco), and milk or buttermilk.

    To the USA, a cookie to us is a sweet baked good, usually dropped onto a cookie sheet and baked, but sometimes cut out of a bar pan.

  16. manga_eyes said :

    Cookies are almost always sweet, even the no sugar cookies. Biscuits are more like rolls but heavy, flaky, and fattening. Biscuits are generally eaten at breakfast, although my dad liked them in the evening with eggs and bacon. (At 160 pounds, or 72 kilos, he has monstrously high cholesterol for eating that way). Biscuits have a heavier fat base due to its ingredients of egg and butter which are typically found in them.

  17. tx lady said :

    a biscuit is a bread that you eat with a meal, a cookie is a dessert that you eat after a meal

  18. christmas elf said :

    biscuits are not sweet they are a type of bread with fast acting leavening.most popular as a breakfast item and most often eaten hot from the oven.Cookies are most often eaten as a snack or desert.

  19. Sam said :

    Well,First I don’t appreciate you calling Americans weird after all you eat alligators
    yuk!! Now we have that out of the way.
    To answer your question.Yes.Cookies are dessert,sweet some are very sweet. Have you ever had a chocolate chip cookie?
    Boy are you missing out.While flour is used in both of them the rest of the ingredients are different.there are many variations of cookies and biscuits.but at the same time their beginnings are basic its what you add to them that makes them different. I hope I didn’t confuse further.By the way I won’t insult you I’ll do the opposite. We have a restaurant called Outback and I love it.I also love your accent. have a great day !

  20. bindygirl said :

    Us Aussies have biscuits which are the same as cookies in the USA. Our scones are the equivalent of their “biscuits”. 🙂

  21. mightyt100 said :

    A biscuit in the United States is much like a scone – except it does not have anything sweet added to such as raisins.

  22. Celtic Tejas said :

    In the States “Bisciut” is very much like a unsweeten Scone.


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