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Why is America so willing to give up freedom? Smoking ban?

In the 1940 when Adolph Hitler Proposed a smoking ban, all OF Germany went along, He then went on to Kill 6 million Jews, when he died all the leaders lit up a cigarett. Do we want another Nazi State in America
Heres what Joe Jackson said.
Smoking may not be constitutionaly gaurenteed but freedom is,, Life Liberty and the pursute of happiness
For Pincolle Hitler did do a smaoking ban, and took over germany and killed 6 million Jew , why do you say thats rediculius? Its all True

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8 Responses to “Why is America so willing to give up freedom? Smoking ban?”

  1. Harley said :

    Smoking is not Constitutionally guaranteed.

  2. chappye7 said :

    Great Article, where has this guy been? Its true a few people in this country are using the press, and activist lawyers and judges to get what they want over the rights of all Americans. Now smoking is a nasty habit I’ll admit, but its my habit and I go to great pains to not push my habit on anyone who doesn’t smoke, and this long before the crazies started this anti-smoking garbage. And your right I feel every day we live in a country that’s turning more and more controlled like a totalitarian state run by a few people.

  3. Philip H said :

    The constitution says nothing about smoking.
    I guess that leaves the issue open to whatever any tyrant says is best for us.
    Next is banning fat and sugar.
    Then limiting you to no more than 1800 calories a day.
    Then no TV.
    Then you’ll have to ride bicycles – banning all private automobiles.
    Walking is good for you.
    Women wear burkas – sex is bad.
    No toxic cosmetics.
    No alcohol – again.

  4. Timothy B said :

    That’s a lot of money up in smoke! If they ban tobacco, this country will has some serious problems. It’s one of the few domestic products that have a huge foreign demand.

  5. wqfahuar said :

    Every time they ban something they ban part of our freedom along with it. I’d rather have cancer than live under authoritarian rule.

    There’s a flip side to this too.Sometimes they give you something that you don’t want.That’s another way they take your rights from you,by making you think you are gaining something when really you are losing.

    I say “they” because you have no say in the matter at all.The elite in power just do whatever they want whether it is forcing Nazism down your throat or forcing Communism down your throat.


  6. pincollector said :

    Smoking bans are good for everyone.
    Your Hitler comparison is ridiculous.

  7. johnfarber2000 said :

    If a person wants to smoke, he/she can do it in their house and in the areas where he/she will not force others to be exposed to the cigarette smoke. So, when the freedom is the concern, one will have to consider the smoker’s freedom to smoke but also the freedom of others to be free of second hand smoke. And that is regardless of whatever one thinks of the health effects of cigarette smoking.

    Cigarette smoking is addictive by virtue of the nicotine the cigarettes contain. It is not only lung cancer, urinary bladder cancer and other cancers, it is the effect that cigarette smoking has on the vessels. It affects the most internal layer of the arteries inducing premature hardening of the arteries.
    Please understand that the arteries (the vascular system) supply every thing, brain, heart, eyes, kidneys, extremities (preipheral vascular disease), etc.

    I would be unpardonable to forget to mention Chronic lung disease (emphysema and chronic bronchitis)

    There are not that many things, humans can do to promote their health and to avoid disease. Avoiding cigarette smoke is one of them. The statistics are overwhelming on the facts above. Some people are obviously weak in understanding the meaning of statistics.

    Consider this, smoking benefits the large tobacco corporations who are large contributors to elected officials, wouln’t seem strange that those officials favor laws and regulations against smoking, if it was not because of the overwhelming evidence that smoking kills? and that smokers get sicker than non smokers, thus incresing the cost of health care, medicare and medicaid?

    Consider this, the life insurance companies, all, reduce the premiun to the non smokers.
    Why in the world would they do something like that, if it was not because, they know that non smokers last longer than the smokers?

  8. Heather S1 said :

    I think they have gone to far with the smoking ban but I don’t worry to much about us being a Nazi State. I’m not a smoker and I only ask they not smoke in a restaurant and medical establishments but unless it poses a safty hazard I don’t care if people smoke elsewhere.


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